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RSS SupremeLord

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Honestly I think no big changes at the fundamental level is needed. The reason this website is getting lower traffic is because the population of the world is getting dumber and dumber, overall. I blame it on the society. It's not your fault CreateDebate, lol!

2 points

Mexican is not a race god damn it, it is a country. It is like saying American is a race. It is not a race, it is a nationality.

I assume you mean latinos, then I guess Latinos are the best.

1 point

Of course not! The phrase work hard by itself contridicts with its goal. Things that are truly rewarding should always be easy. Things that are hard are: grinding fingers off, stabbing self, breaking favourite lego toys, telling your friends to touch you down there.

To say work hard pays off is words of a suicidal person! TRUTH!

1 point

Now, I know what I am about to write is gonna make you sad.

Your kind will completely dissappear in a few generations. Your kind will not live on, ours will. Please, let your inner rages boil, inferiority complex is what you are all about!

1 point

What kind of question is this. Was slavery a generally good idea for who? For which country? For what empire?

If I am forced to answer this blurry question, I would say that slavery was indeed a good idea since it created more jobs, and therefore better job market.

0 points

Pokemon cards are slight cheaper this is why I prefer Pokemon Trading Card Game.

1 point

Ignore all above comments, they are not anyone useful/important/worthy of reading their comments.

Hitler didn't suicide, why would he? -.-. he was assasinated.

1 point

Yes, Native Americans have good genes that European-Americans need.

1 point

War is good my friend.

War means victory no? Oh wait, it means a loss for you. HAHAHAHA Loser!

1 point

No, just suicide if the "stress" is too much.

I've been to torture in jail for 4 years, I still dont call life stress.

so if u didn;t go thorugh 4 years of torture, yet call life stress, then it means ur body is not meant for living, it is meant for dying. so please die.

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