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RSS Sv3rige

Reward Points:170
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10 most recent arguments.
Sv3rige(170) Clarified
1 point

1) Humans are predators

2) throughout human history, humans have prayed on othr humans

3)the illuminati are the best predators on earth and they kill and molest and eat humanbabies

4)they see you as a different species and want you to be their prey, so just like a cow who is fred on grains they feed you unnatural food to make you weak and stupid

5)veganism is an illuminati agenda

6)the same who promote veagin promote population control and andagenda 21 and global warming

7)there is no global warming on flat earth

8) the earth is flat just like the world in a video game is flat

9) the world is like a video game, it is a virtual dimension

10) our purpose in this virtual realm is to ascend to higher realms, they way we do thyat is by doing what we where designded to do, which is being the apex predator and reproducing and making sure our bloodline and our self surcive and stay healthy by being the best predator and therefore obtaining the best nutrition.

1 point

The left thinks the world is overpopulated, so it calls for planned parenthood and population control, the right thinks the opposite, they think they can just breed forever and we will never have a problem. The solution? Natural selection is whats missing now adays, the problem is human society is designed to make you weaker and stupid slave and let the weak keep reproducing, if we where natural living these woulfn't exist

Sv3rige(170) Clarified
1 point

80% of americans are not christians, they are robots who believe whatever they are program with without thinking, and if you don't except christ out of free will you cant be called a "christian" right?

1 point

You are trying to twist my brain with such confusing statements.

1 point

does your really believe that? I don't know what thats true

1 point

Put the mint down and pick up an omega 5 vitamin. You are vitamin idione deficient and you cant best feed

Sv3rige(170) Clarified
1 point

The sun was definite designed, but not by no gods necessarily, it was unknown if you truly admit it you don't know. But I know that the earth was flat and that this is just one level of reality designed as a phase of the ladder of spiritual evolution. The sunis the there to give us energy and raise the frequency. When the frequency rises or bitch ass better be on the frequency or you will fry like a potato.

1 point

Sunshine make goods for the vitamen D. If you donut get the sunshine your infertile and the third eye is close. You should must sungaze at the sun to open your third eye

Sv3rige(170) Clarified
1 point

The soy has estrogen, you must have a lot of testicles if you not become more girly from it. Some people have good gene, this is the only explanation for the rare vegans who are healthy because most vegans are very unhealthy. The soy makes cancer for women and low T for men, but some just have the balls of steel or have good gene enough to resist the soy on rare ocasion. The monsantos GMO soy especially is loading with the phyto estrogens and hormone blockage.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Sverige 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Green Party
Country: Germany
Religion: Agnostic

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