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RSS Swank

Reward Points:8
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Nobody thinks you have free speech. You're a foreigner. You have no rights.

1 point

quantum consciousness theories

1 point

If you're seriously asking this question, then yes. This concept is called Natural Selection

I have a lot of libs swimming in shark holes around where I live.

1 point

I think he's political radiation at this point. Trump was literally a repudiation of him.

1 point

Interesting cast of characters. A guy that defends Robert Byrd, the ex KKK Grand wizard, two blatant race baiters, and a Hitler loving antisemite. There's your Democrat Party that tells us how non-racist they are. They don't even wear the masks anymore.

2 points

Looks like mingiwuwu the communist wants us to forget that the left created the term fake news.

2 points

It's only fake news if it's against Trump, LOL!

Your problem being that a compilation of lib media lies and created events would take years to watch.

1 point

Don't forget our European Spaniard imperialist descendents down south.

2 points

Today's society is already brainwashed. The Marxists entered our culture and taught a generation to be sloppy ass stupid.

3 points

Avenatti is a man lawyer who somehow gets involved in every anti Republican court case.

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