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RSS Swordfish

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1 point

I never claimed that children deserve to die of cancer. Cancer is the result of original sin. It is part of God's curse for disobedience.

In other words innocent children are being punished for something they didn't do you utter imbecile. If your god is real then he's a tyrannical cunt.

No one goes to hell for not believing in God. They go to hell because they have rejected Him.

Quit talking in circles and accept that you have defeated yourself.

1 point

I begrudge evilnom for blaming the world for his own circumstances

Is poverty not a byproduct of capitalism?

for attacking economic freedom

It's not very free for the poor now is it? You are only free if you have money, and those with enough money can quite literally get away with anything. Indeed, for the 1% it is a very "free" system where they can buy entire political parties and even have people killed without suffering any consequence. Of course, for the working man who is stuck working for the 1% in order to feed himself and his family, and cannot take the risks necessary to "climb the ladder" it is not very free. Especially when he is being robbed by the state every month by force. I would argue that he is actually quite trapped by a fictional set of social constructs that are designed to benefit the 1% and keep him working to produce profit for them rather than himself.

If someone else gives up their own money for something that I am not willing to pay for, it is not my concern. Does that guy deserve the money the other guy gave him? I don't know, it's not stolen and it's not my money.

So you admit that capitalism is not meritocratic, splendid. Glad we got that sorted. Now you can stop insulting people for pointing it out.

significantly less with the worldwide rise in economic freedom.

The fact that you refer to capitalism as "economic freedom" proves that you were always privileged and thus given freedoms that those starving children were not given. Only the privileged could be narrow sighted and shallow enough to think that way.

Capitalism doesn't distribute resources, people trade them among each other. The process isn't arbitrary, it is derived from the aggregate of individual decisions.

What you are failing to consider is that those decisions are made within a social context of capitalism. Thus capital is what decides how resources are distributed and the very fact that we distribute them based on capital influences people's decision making process. The primary objective in capitalism is to make a profit, this being the driving force behind trade in a society heavily influences the nature of the trade. For instance, it encourages you to rip people off in every way possible because what is optimal for the capitalist is making the most profit you can make at the least expense.

If evilnom had his way, resources truly would be distributed arbitrarily, with my resources going where he prefers.

He mentioned something about "scientific methodology". It appears he's a Marxist such as myself. Anywho, your resources arbitrarily go where the state or your boss prefers under capitalism.

Of course evilnom doesn't want to actually coerce anyone, he just wants everyone to magically agree with his ignorant position and poor aesthetic tastes.

It sounds to me that you're just putting words in his mouth because you don't understand what he is really advocating. It's remarkable to me that you can make so many assumptions about someone and their views just because they criticize your perfect, flawless system of "economic freedom" yet get your panties in a bunch when someone points out the probable fact that you are a privileged lad who fails to comprehend the problems that capitalism creates, because for you it has created nothing but a free ride.

Again, economic freedom has reduced poverty more than any other economic model.

Poverty is a human invention. What has always existed is scarcity, and capitalism embraces scarcity and pushes all the scarcity down to the working class while a few privileged cunts such as yourself hog all the resources. This is how "poverty" gets made, my dear.

If a primitive hunter missed his target, he went hungry; not because he deserved to go hungry, but because that's life. The primitive hunter gatherer who sat around bitching about other hunter's good aim or lucky shot, rather than hunting, deserved to go hungry.

Yes, but that is not at all analogous to what evilnom is doing. Because as he already said, if life was not fair for it's natural "survival of the fittest" reasons he would not complain. But instead life is not fair because of a system of human invention which arbitrarily hands a free ride to those who are not fit and holds the fit back from reaching their potential.

This baseless assertion says more about your bias than about your understanding of me.

Your own baseless assertions prove your bias towards capitalism and your hatred for anyone who tries to take away your free ride on the backs of the working class. Notice how you have made at least a dozen assumptions about evilnom and are so biased that you refer to capitalism as "economic freedom".

It's not wealth that fostered my love of economic freedom.

It's not wealth that fostered your love of a system based on personal profit and privileges for the wealthy?

Swordfish(7) Clarified
2 points

The opposite to Communism is something called Technocratic Fiefdom where we are all competing to meet the needs of super intelligent AI that has superceded us and which we let compete amongst its own kind to keep rule over us.

So the opposite of communism is still an ultimate form of slavery, yet you call communism slavery. You are a strange cookie.

1 point


Please explain how a democratic system wherein the means of production are controlled by the workers themselves is similar to "slavery" more so than a system where everything is controlled by a totalitarian state?

2 points

I don’t value lil pump in the slightest, and I have lost nothing for his gain. I don’t begrudge the likes of lil pump

Yet you begrudge evilnom for pointing out that he is an idiot who is in no way particularly deserving of millions of dollars compared to starving children or people with actual talent. You love capitalism so much that you assume someone must be a piece of shit if they point out that it often distributes vast amounts of resources arbitrarily to people who have done nothing to deserve profuse amounts of wealth while at the same time it creates abject poverty for people who have done nothing to deserve abject poverty. Your shameless verbal abuse directed at a struggling artist is quite disturbing. You have clearly never experienced poverty, else you might comprehend how frustrating it is to have nothing and watch these brain dead celebrities and people born into wealth galavanting about, never having to do any real work or contribute anything of substance to society in their lives.

he hates people who are valued by others

You are putting words in his mouth because you hate him. You hate him simply for being poor and recognizing that there are so many who have more than him who have done nothing to deserve it. I am willing to bet that you grew up in an upper middle class home or higher, and that your parents bought you a car when you were a teenager and paid for your college education and paid for your license, all the works. My mother kicked me out of the house when I was 15, I wasn't even old enough to drive and I was homeless. I had to scrape by, literally struggling just to survive, paying for all the stuff you were handed in life as a homeless kid. I am now an engineer who works with lasers and water jets, making aircraft parts and medical devices. I know what it's like to have nothing, and to see someone like lil pump and hate them. If you ask me, engineers should be payed more than boys who wear pink braids and rap about doing drugs!

2 points


I agree with evilnom and Hootie, Kim Kardashian and lil Pump didn't do anything to earn what they have. They are pretty much just idiots being handed way more than they deserve.

2 points


I have been reading the recent threads around here and in all honesty I can see where this "evilnom" guy is coming from. Capitalism in no way rewards an artist for how meaningful or adeptly made their art is, but merely for mass appeal. It seems to me he is frustrated because he is working hard trying to be a rapper and he feels mainstream rap is intellectually vacuous and promotes the wrong type of people, which is perfectly understandable. You are telling him his opinion is worthless but it is also a matter of subjective opinion that so many people enjoy this Pump guy's music, what makes their opinion more valid? I would like to hear this guy rapping, I bet you he's better than Pump.

1 point


You are coming off as slightly unhinged. First you assert that all pro-choice people want the same thing then go on to call people nazis for aborting a fetus they know will grow up to be mentally or physically challenged. That's not at all the same as racism where you literally descriminate against people for being different, that is aborting a legitimately defective undeveloped fetus that isn't even sentient yet.

2 points

Donald Trump, beloved by neo nazis and the KKK, thrives upon distortion and lies. His entire list of policies is designed to pander to big business, greedy bankers, international cartels and deep state lobbyists. Trump makes me sick, he is the face of corporate economic imperialist America.

1 point


I am going to have to dispute you on this, Amarel. Free Will has never been proven to exist and has no basis in the way reality functions. Similar to what Mingiwuwu (cool name by the way) said, if you cannot choose what type of person you are then you cannot choose what type of decisions you make, therefor you have already conceded that free will doesn't exist. You are basically saying "you can make choices, but you can't choose which choices you make". Furthermore, pointing out causality is not a strawman, it does indeed disprove free will. We are physical beings that exist according to the mechanical properties of the universe we live in, everything that has to do with us is "pushed" into being, our "decisions" are no different. Whether you like it or not, your thoughts are nothing but electricity and chemicals acting based on physics, and constantly being effected by the stimulis of our environment. To proclaim that you have free will is to place yourself above everything else and claim that you have supernatural powers, for nothing in physical reality can exist or occur without being acted upon. Determinism and a mechanistic worldview are widely accepted among the intellectual elites for a reason. You cannot choose to accept this or not, you can only be intelligent enough to get it or not.

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