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1 point

Naturally, it should be as so !

1 point

what about the "rights," given to those who don't believe in such things as religion?

1 point

Which is my way of saying a cease of time, creating a labyrinth in time-space creating a state of limbo. Negating the existence of destruction, and all forms of nature.

1 point

If you wish to be referred to as a slave owner for post-liberation times. Cracker was the title bestowed on those who owned slaves. The nickname conjured from listening to the constant crack sound of the whip. It seems more poloticaly correct to call, "african americans," black. And caucasion, white. Due to the fact, we are already consistently called white, if we are called white, they should be black. I believe in equality, not social norms.

1 point

I don't think the constitution offers freedom, nor takes it away. Firstly, freedom is of independent pursuit. Once we are lead to believe freedom can be given, we embrace the loss of it. Freedom can be apparent to a slave, and to that of the highest social class. It's more of a matter of ones insight on self.

1 point

I myself, detested the idea of pledging. I myself would never allow myself to conform to the idea of a flag hold symbolism in pride etc. I myself will only pledge to humanity itself, and if there were only one flag dedication to us.

2 points

Gifts, because you pluralized it. Also taking into account that money, is technically a form of gift as well. So i'm sure one out of the received gifts is money too, so i'll go with both.

1 point

Out of principle, i can't ignore my craving for a unity of humanity. When we all reestablish the citizenship of earth.

1 point

D) Time the second attack, swiftly dead-legging him with my legs, causing a fall to the blade. after contact with the blade, i would pull my legs down causing him to chop in two.

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