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2 points

I would say yes there is a heaven! 1. There actually is a heaven 2. You can give the child hope and bring their spirits up.

-3 points
1 point

I think this depends on the subject that you are talking about. I made this debate just for peoples opinions.

2 points

Yes. killing a baby is killing an innocent life. Why? well first of all, you don't give the baby a chance to live. second Some of you may say "its to much pressure on the mom". It was her mistake and she should at least give it for adoption. Third, I think a child would rather live even if the parents mistreat them when they are born.

1 point

I think that it is very sad that people believe evolution. all it is saying is that there is no God and I don't have to follow any rules. What if you are taking a chance at not going to heaven? It really is sad.

1 point

hey freefallife, you got it all wrong. God is the CREATOR. he is outside of time. You can comprehend God. HE WAS, HE IS, AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE.

1 point

hey freefallife, you got it all wrong. God is the CREATOR. he is outside of time. You can comprehend God. HE WAS, HE IS, AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE.

-1 points

Evolution is retarded. it goes completely against the scientific theory saying "nonliving matter cannot create a living thing". I do not know why Evolutionists still dont get it. You are making scientific theories wrong by trying to make your stupid theory right. It just can't work that way.

-1 points

yes, basically here is the story. This fat guy with a beer belly named Darwin one day is like "oh maybe if i make this story up i will get a bunch of money!" so he's all drunk and makes up this random story and tells it to some pothead. and that pothead spreads it to everyone else. So that is the story of evolution.

1 point

The muslim religion is the reason terrorism is planned against America. God actually wants you to Go to heaven. Their religion literally says to kill any infidels. (not of their religion).

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