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2 points

Can you trust

Brontoraptor: "I have no legs."

Brontoraptor: "I have a degree in songwriting from Berkeley."

Brontoraptor: "Hitler was on the left. So was Mussolini."

Brontoraptor: "I live on a Cherokee Indian Reservation in Oklahoma."

Brontoraptor: "I'm a self-made millionaire (but I can't afford to leave my computer powered up)."

Brontoraptor: "I have your IP address. I have everybody's IP address."

Andy: "No you don't. That's impossible just based on the way the site handles traffic."


You flap your stupid lying gums all day but nobody pays any attention to a word you say because you're a lying neo-fascist retard.

1 point

if you take away the 5 most liberal cities in America, we go from 1st in gun deaths to almost last!

That's some awesome logic there buddy. I think I've heard you use that one before, remember? You said that if we take away Hitler, Nazi Germany goes from killing 6 million Jews to killing no Jews, therefore Nazi Germany was fantastic and everybody needs to be a Nazi.

1 point

Apparently they like trolls and Communists, or are their some capitalist statues you'd like to share with us?

Yeah. I hear there's a great statue of Robert Mugabe in Chicago.

1 point

That’s unfortunate as you’re both

Lol. Says the pub bomber. Sorry Dermot, but I don't lend much weight to the opinion of Irish terrorists who fill the time up between Jobcentre visits by making fertiliser bombs.

1 point

Why do you always jump to different accounts so much?

That should be perfectly obvious. To avoid being paraded by brontoraptor's 200 alt accounts. He has made this site impossible to use for anybody prepared to challenge his neo-Nazi bullshit.

1 point

I can't say we (America) have become a train wreck yet but we certainly put trash tv to shame.

You have become populists in that you believe what is popular or fashionable above that which is true.

1 point

It really would still be humans. If we couldn't chose humans than I think I'd say a dolphin.

I'd rather be rude than stupid and rude, like you.

3 points

science denier

Have you SEEN my DNA test??

Get off this site you fucking retard, or I'm going to downvote every single post you write on the grounds that you're a LIAR.

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

0 points

Whether it's the primary cause or not is somewhat of a red herring. It doesn't need to be the primary cause to irreversibly damage the planet. The fact of the matter is that there is no debate about this; not outside America at any rate. All the science points in the same direction. We should not debate things which are scientifically conclusive because that's pointless. What we should instead do is investigate the reasons why these scientific facts are being distorted and question the motives of those responsible. I would wager that if this were actually done it wouldn't take long to figure out that the tip of the capitalist pyramid is heavily invested in non-renewable energy and has long term commitments which it cannot simply walk away from. That is the predominant reason why there is a climate change debate in America: because a small number of extremely powerful people want there to be one.

1 point

Hello TX:

Nahh… But, there is something about the anonymity of the internet that brings out the hatred in people.. Nonetheless, I don't believe most people are that way..

Hello excon.

When you can't have your own way you verbally attack people like a spoiled child. I actually had you in mind when I created the thread. You are the horribly dishonest little shit who paid 300 dollars for a "genetic astrology" test, am I right?


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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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