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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The only standard we use is the Constitution of the United States

Then I have the right to a gun, and the left is guilty of crimes against the Constitution for censorship and blocking protesters' bank accounts. You love that Constitution until you don't. You love riots until you don't. You love protests until you don't. You love attacking federal buildings until you don't. You love violence until you don't because you're completely full of shit.

1 point

In other words you wanted a typical politician who pretends to be what you like and giving you days, weeks and months worth of theatre like Cuomo.

0 points

The world has more deaths than Sweden, so the UN is

incompetent and responsible for any and all right wing deaths worldwide.

But unseriously, Trump can't keep libs from crawling on each other and spreading their germs to each other, so seeing he's not a tyrant, I guess the libs will have to hope their leftist governors weld them in their homes like your heroes in China.

0 points

He has cost 90,000 people their lives and that is the end of the line for me. I am voting Democrat in the next election and I encourage you all to do the same thing.

You're from Great Britain, said Democrats were "far right", and are on video that proves you are probably in the bottom 1% of intelligence at the zoo you reside in. You should switch zoos to up your numbers.

1 point

Following that logic we should be copying North Korea

Only a leftist believes numbers from governments that kill their citizens for being Muslim.

1 point

Why can the dummy Brits not understand..

I've met several British people. They usually come off as being Autistic.

2 points

Love for our COUNTRY, but the left loves China, which isn't our country and kills its own people in the streets.

0 points

The measure was co-sponsored by more than 130 advocacy organizations, including Equality California, the ACLU of California, APLA Health, Black AIDS Institute, Lambda Legal and Positive Women’s Network–USA.

0 points

If you use your body to interfere with my right to keep my body alive, it is VERY MUCH MY BUSINESS..

Then giving someone the flu or a cold could become a felony.

The left held the opposite position on more deadly diseases pre pandemic.

New California Law Reduces Penalty for Knowingly Exposing Someone to HIV

1 point

Obviously no it isn't you incredibly stupid, insane retard. It isn't just your body you are putting at risk. People with covid-19 become infectious before they become symptomatic, so you are risking the life of every single person you come into contact with

By this logic, you could lock people in their homes for the flu which could technically kill anyone.

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