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1 point

Biden smells like something, and it isn't roses. He has the lowest approval rating of any President in the last 250 years.

2 points

He watches CNN a lot, and they feed a lot of narratives that make no sense into his brain. In this case, they fed to him that the Republicans winning Congress is good for not Republicans, but Democrats

1 point

Today Democrats have a 2.3 million vote lead.

You do understand that the national popular vote has nothing to do with midterm elections and that in state and regional polls for each area, they have the Democrats losing seats like it's a religion? A bunch of votes in California affect an election in Kansas in no way, shape or form.

0 points

The story you have linked is from August 2021

The left is saying it was a coup now. The fact that the FBI debunked that claim a year ago just makes your opponent's point for him that they've been posting and speaking misinformation for over a year now.

0 points

Here's Reuters, which is mainstream and left wing

Reuters isn't left wing, It's politically neutral.

That actually helps your opponent's argument that a neutral source makes the same claim.

0 points

There is no third source

The OP gave 2 sources, and the person you are addressing gave you 4 sources. Do you not understand math? I mean if you're mentally retarded, that's fine, but we'll need to know so that we don't address you as someone with normal intelligence.

1 point

You have some slime on your lip there good buddy

What is objectively wrong with having slime on your lip? I'm confused.

1 point

Aren't you a bald, chubby white guy who plays video games and argues with people about Communism all day?

1 point

In it's current form, disintegration would be a favor to the world. It wages wars simply to fund it's lobbyists' interests. And Wokeness is a clear cancer. What America was from about 1974-2008 was a gift to the world.

1 point

The only standard we use is the Constitution of the United States

Then I have the right to a gun, and the left is guilty of crimes against the Constitution for censorship and blocking protesters' bank accounts. You love that Constitution until you don't. You love riots until you don't. You love protests until you don't. You love attacking federal buildings until you don't. You love violence until you don't because you're completely full of shit.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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