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1 point

Above statement considered, as are many arguements of it suggesting a lean towards eugenics, however i do believe something, somehow has to be done. It is probably something impossible to resolve, but if all things considered, such as the side effects caused by those less "fortunate" in life, i think some genius somewhere should get to work on it.

This is not to suggest in any way that rich kids can't and don't cause harm to society, but i think overall the arguement is in their favour. I think the point i am trying to make in a roundabout way, is that seemingly people cannot be left to be responsible by themselves, so that decision making process has to be taken out of their hands, and whereas i can see and read of all the negatives with this line of thinking, i am tired of hearing complaints of this that and the other in relation to societal problems when no one wants to take a hard, and more likely unpopular view.

All i have stated is an opinion based on observations and a few things i've read, so call it an ignorant opinion if u so wish, but even if what is being suggested is "wrong", then what is/are the solution/s.

1 point

Only one problem here. I am hearing(and getting quite tired of it actually) of hearing these types of arguments from an apparently cold perspective. It is not the fact that it is a cold point of view that gets to me, more that the people who tend to use this argument only bring it up when it suits them.

I am over in England, and a lot of people heavily criticise soccer players about their pay, yet very few(due to jealousy mostly) take the view of that is how much money is floating around in their field(pardon the pun-unintended).

The point i am trying to make is yeah u should pay for your silly mistakes, but if u want to have an attitude, have it across the board, otherwise to me it just makes u pathetic.

1 point

I second that completely. I think there is too much emotion behind this question i.e. some kind of insecurity.

1 point

A lot of emotion in your argument there?! Secondly, do u know the difference between discipline and beating? Lastly, if no one owes u anything( which is true to a point), then i hope u are not one of those people who complain about rich or famous people who do nothing for society or earn more than most.

Inconsistencies bother me.

1 point

I'm not quite sure how to answer this one or where i stand exactly. Good question!

Okay, i would say that technoligal advancments have opened doors to new types of relationships that wouldn't have been possible without it. Cliched arguement i know, but a true one. I unfortunately do not have much interaction with kids, so i don't know what state they are in, but i will assume that most of them use such media to communicate with each other.

What i'd like to say is that, i think it is up to the older generation to pass down "good" habits whilst making sure that "technological awareness" is maintained, i.e each and every youngster knows how to use the intenet, latest software etc....

I have maintained my high standards, and if i ever have children, will make sure that whichever they choose to relate, that quality is the bottom line.

"Everything in moderation". Thats what they say isn't it?!!!

1 point

This sounds like the forever raging nature vs nurture arguement. Fact is, like some people on here already stated, is that those who are influenced by such things, already possess such a personality, and anything will fuel their violence.

Lazy parenting, poverty, lack of/poor education, poor/bad diet, the list could go on. Just study everything that most rich people and their offspring have and try to spread it across society in some way and things will be fine. Easier said than done, i know, but that is one of many solutions which will never be implemented, for reasons that those who know; know!

1 point

This may have already been mentioned, but it takes two to tango. As much as i understand and respect WOMEN(specifically), they did not pregnant alone. Unless there is now a factory that is producing virigin Mary's.

1 point

Arrogance is a type of confidence. And as much as i hate to alleviate people's insecurities, i shall do so this once. Get a grip!

1 point

I too have many motto's, the one listed, is my guiding one, and is the core of my being.

"Never Change!!!".

1 point

Well, sex sells, and it gets people's attention. There are obvious benefits to be gained, sexually, from having a good healthy diet and lifestyle.

Since i find most people find it hard to motivate themselves or bother for whatever reason to be healthy based on the health benefits alone, then why not point out the benefits to be had by linking it with sex.

Winning Position: Is it possible for a female to be objectively critical of another?

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