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RSS TangoAndCash

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10 most recent arguments.

It's way easier to just say "normal" when referring to the general populace. Sisdaflanacoupadoopa isn't necessary and was proven to not be necessary during the 10,000+ years of human history where no one would have known what the fuck you were talking about. "I'm a sis male". No I'm just a male. You creating a language for children doesn't mean my adult ass has to subscribe to the bullshit.

-5 points

You have admitted to living with your parents. It's common knowledge. You're a parasite.

You have open Marxists in the Democrat Congress.

"Maybe that had an influence on (Sanders)," Ely says.

When he moved to the kibbutz, Ely admits he "didn't know a thing about communism." But he studied the political philosophy of Marxism-Leninism, the socialist ideology on which the former Soviet Union was based.


- 2018/10/17/enemieswithin-trevor-loudon-releases-mini-doc-on-floridas-andrew-gillum/

And more. But getting ready to head to the fam for Turkey day.

Your mom tastes organic. She also smells like feet.

Chimps and humans are 96 percent genetically identical

It's 98% with pigs. Are you a pig?

2 points

He was a secret service agent for Bush and Obama, and is a martial arts instructor.

What's sick is you care whether patriots wear suits but aren't interested at all in how Communists dress. Should we take the mask wearing Commies in the streets seriously? SMH

They matter if your team sucks ass.

5 points

I looked it up. I'll pick Sooners since they're ranked higher.

6 points

Must have forgotten Nazi Germany.

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