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2 points

Just you and your flapping gums

Which of the 3 things mentioned didn't happen?

All 3 happened. This guy doesn't look anything up. That's why he's always in the dark.

Trump blocks Putin's pipeline:

Biden shuts down American pipeline:

Biden open's back up Putin's pipeline that Trump shut down: 734ea3e95de0.html

Excon doesn't care about facts. This is the same Excon that tried to claim Biden wasn't putting kids in cages at the border and then ignored the issue alltogether when that was obviously the facts. He cares about one thing. Serving his Democrat masters even if that means he has to lie or throw his integrity out the window. He has no interest in objective truth. He has an interest in his "team" winning even if that means he winds up on the street.

0 points

42% now view Trump favorably, up from 34 percent before election

0 points

It won't be long before we see Trump's hillbilly cultists

It appears at least a part of your brain understands that it's not Republicans running the system the left claims is systematically racist. The left is.

1 point

Obama admitted this.

Obama did admit this.

1 point

Let's just take a step back and have a look at how many jobs Trump has lost, shall we?

U.S. Unemployment Is At Its Highest Rate Since The Great Depression At 14.7%—With 20.5 Million More Jobs Lost In April.

Nobody blames Trump for having the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years, a pandemic hurting the economy and then bouncing back despite left wing areas trying to still keep everything closed. You give us April stats and ommit the current stats? Are you stupid?

1 point

Translation: you won't let me play whataboutery and refuse to acknowledge the FACT that ninety percent of domestic terrorism is committed by people just like ME, who believe all the same crazy shit that I believe.

You ignored the point, then provided no links for the point you defelected to.

2 points

And all the other radical right wing white power orgs

The Neo Nazis are headed by an Obama voter who attended Occupy Wallstreet. David Duke has praised Tlaib, Omar and Tulsi Gabbard. Are you saying the left is far right? By your definitions, I'd agree with you.

1 point

Judge Emmet Sullivan says that may be so

Which would prove lying to the FBI isn't a crime by default, which contradicts your premise.

but lying to him is, for sure, a crime. And, that's what Flynn did..

Actually he struck a plea deal, which is a systematic event libs cry about if the man is a minority, and they'd be right in those cases, and are now showing they are unprincipled and will switch positions for political expediency. 2017/12/01/what-michael-flynns-plea-deal-means-215995

He swore, under oath, that he COMMITTED the crimes he was charged with.

He actually never made any claim under oath. He simply struck a plea deal to stop the FBI from going after his son, which was a documented part of the plea deal.

Then he changed his mind.

He changed his plea due to the FBI no longer having the ability to go after his family and due to having a legal team not in the bag for the Democratic Party establishment.

The judge simply wants to know whether lying to him under oath, is a crime.

The judge was appointed by Clinton and is a part of the very establishment that went after Flynn in the first place. This case will appealed to a higher court and as high as it needs to be appealed, even to the Supreme Court, if needed, to execute the DOJ's dropping of the case.

I do too.

You don't. You are a political tribalist who hates anyone tied to Donald Trump, who you believe is bad because you don't understand that the media is fake and not real, nor is it meant to be.

There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of debates on this very site, proving objectively, how each of those media stories were completely fake, headlines that didn't match the information in the story, ommissions, or 180 spins.

You believe these fake narratives due to cognitive dissonance, aka hearing what you want to hear rather than believing provably objective truth if it challenges the narrative you want to hear or already have programmed into your mind by a press so insidious that it has defended terrorists, Communist dictatorships, gangs that decapitate their victims, and politicians who get rich off of being bought by powerful foreign entities and large corporations. Toddcaughtmanufacturingsuperfakenews

1 point

Bill Barr says lying to the FBI isn't a crime..

That's not what he said, so you made that up, and the FBI's own documentations show they not only tried to set him up, but didn't believe he lied.

And now we know that the law firm that Flynn trusted to protect him was Eric Holder's law firm, and that it hid evidence showing Flynn's innocence from Flynn's new legal team.

We also know that pages full of Democrat operatives unmasked Flynn hundreds of times, which is a felony.

1 point

Biden and the Democrat establishment are a house of cards that is falling and burning to the ground right before our very eyes.

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