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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

No, I'm afraid it appears that you are delusional and somehow have mistaken my exposure of your false dichotomy as a piece of neo-Nazi propaganda designed to make Donald Trump a victim.

You still have not responded to why the left takes the opposite position of Trump, regardless of what that position is.

0 points

Capitalism isn't an item for sale, and even if it were then the expense is not paid by the purchaser. It is paid by others who have not chosen to be in the position they are in.

A person born into Communism could make the same statement when asking why they can't willingly work more to get more.

1 point

Excon: I'm just not sure WHY you think the Democrats have ANY power to do ANYTHING??

Justignoreme: Why do you think every single Republican governor created restrictions in their state?

That doesn't contradict that Democrats have the power to do things.

1 point

Giant white cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Newark, Cleveland, Detroit, etc.?

Giant Democrat cities that we are told are systematically racist. Why don't you explain to me how the worst places to be black are run by Democrats.

1 point

They simply suggested people might want to see what independent, professional fact-checkers had to say about the "tweet".

More specifically, they provided a link to CNN who's stories are debunked daily and do no such edits to Democrats.

0 points


You'll need to explain why South Dakota survived everything the left said would happen to them while shaming them.

1 point

Your list might be correct, but your conclusion is incorrect and racist to the core..

Hardly. Saying you aren't black if you don't vote for me is a quote that could have come from many of any list of plantation owners. Wouldn't you agree that only a plantation owner would demand a black man's obedience?

1 point

Do I trust Lester Holt

NBC's Lester Holt emerges from debate bruised and partisan

But when Holt wasn't being invisible, he was targeting Trump's weaknesses while avoiding Clinton's.

That's not to say the Republican nominee shouldn't have been challenged or fact-checked. But as we've seen throughout this general election campaign, only one candidate is getting fact-checked while the other largely gets a pass.

Rush Limprod

Give us a list of times Rush provably lied. Now explain why you trust outlets that have thrown 5,000 claims at Trump which have been proven to be fake, false, and phony. Also explain why you trust a media funded by the Chinese Communist Party that is running cover for Communists.

1 point

Lemme see... Do I trust Lester Holt over Rush Limprod?? I DO.. Do I trust the NYT over the Washington Examiner?? I DO. Do I trust Thom Hartman over right wing talk radio?? I DO. Do I trust MSNBC over FOX News?? I DO!!

One side of that group tells LIES, and the other tells the TRUTH. Could I convince you that the truth IS the truth?

And why is that? There are thousands of debates on this site proving left wing stories fake and false, and you aren't debunking anything right wing. Why is that? Is it that there's little to nothing for you to debunk?

1 point

Ohhhh, I get it... If you don't like something, it was the evil left who did it..

If they did do it. In this case they are screaming to keep it shut down, just not Walmart and Amazon and the like. And also in this case, the white, leftist ideology controls you, and you will stay silent on those points. Keep shining those shoes for them and picking their fields buddy. It's your life.

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