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RSS Tenku

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7 points

The poster you put up pretty much summarizes my views. If prayer helps people get through the hard work however, then more power to them- but in the end, hard work is the tried and true way to be the most effective in anything you do, unless those matters are of a metaphysical sort.

2 points

While I don't believe in either too much, God is much more probable than ghosts, since you can craft a philosophical argument for his existence, while for ghosts... you have "sightings", which could be due to many different things.

1 point

To do my civic duty, which is my primary way of doing a service for the country. Its the least I can do, considering I reap the benefits of living here.

1 point

Yep. Keeping them close allows you to monitor their actions, react swiftly, and forces you to show the best side of yourself, which aids immensely in converting hearts and minds.

However, there is always the possibility that they might attack, but the chances of that are lowered if you are constantly spying on them, and trying to assimilate them into your culture.

2 points


Here is a blog post addressing the same things.

Supporting Evidence: Don't take yourself too seriously. (
1 point

I understand why people may want to know what his prayer was, but the right to privacy trumps those desires. Though I don't believe in prayer, I believe that it is one of those things that is ultimately up to the person himself to divulge or not.

2 points

Way too divisive. He advocates expelling Muslims from Europe... then how will you ever understand their culture? How will you find ways to counteract these radical strains of Islam?

IMO, the rise of radical Islam is all about winning hearts and minds to their cause. Hatred like this makes it easier for extremist groups to attract more converts, as moderate Muslims may feel that the other side does really hate them.

1 point

From a genetic point of view, yes.

As for the sperm comment, how does the premature orgasm help girl sperm? Are there more of them?

Lol at the last line. :P

3 points

According to Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, female orgasms are used to either help or hurt the passage of sperm up the cervix. If the woman orgasms 1-2 minutes before the man does, all of the mucus in her cervix will have been expelled, making it easier for the sperm to swim up said cervix. Any longer, and the cervix will be swamped with new mucus, making it harder for sperm to go up.

To summarize: it allows women's bodies to decide whether or not to become pregnant.

5 points

I am more of an RTS fan, though I have been doing more Turn-Based strategy games as of late. I like planning out my strategies, coping with what the enemy has and my resources.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Starcraft is the only game that has been continuously played for a decade. That shows the immense appeal of the RTS genre.

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