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RSS TerdinaBowl

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Burritolunch shows the most overt racism of anyone on the sight. He and Hitler have identical positions on Jews.

1 point

In the REAL world, ANTIFA are Americans who you simply don't like.

In the real world they took over six blocks of Seattle, had 6 gun wounds, two internal deaths, and shot two kids in their car while waving the Communist flag.

Nonetheless, if your right wing militia fires upon American citizens doing nothing more than exercising their Constitutional rights, you will be tired for murder and hanged..

By who? The police are joining up with these militias. I love how you think a policeless society can enforce laws.


First Responders, Cops, And Detention Officers Across The Nation Joined A Facebook Group Set Up By A VMilitia Leader

0 points

How a Right-Wing Troll Demonized Antifa to the Mainstream

Fascist propaganda. The guy's an Asian journalist, living in one of the most liberal cities in America.

0 points

There is literally only one reason anybody would be obsessed with attacking an anti-fascist group.

Can any of you guess what it is?

To expose that they are Asian attacking Fascists.

1 point

Your people are attacking Asians just like during World War 2 with the internment camps. You are Nazi fascists.

2 points

Putting the desires of the individual above the collective interests of humanity is how we make ourselves extinct. It's unfortunate that you are too stupid and insane to realise that.

Communism isn't "putting collective interests first". Communism is a hammer to enslave the collective with.

1 point

Oh, I see. The neo-fascist wants to give out lectures about group think. How cute.

If there were right wing "Fascists" everywhere, they'd be in the streets fighting everywhere. Not one seen yet. Only thousands of left wing Fascists acting like Fascist without any right wingers in site.

1 point

Let's talk about how capitalism indoctrinates society into materialism and the idea that oneself is the most important thing in the universe.

Let's talk about how progressivism brainwashes you into group think and collectivism to use you as a useful idiot to get them power, then kills anyone who helped them because they know too much and are too dangerous to be allowed to live.

1 point

I fully endorse the Communists using the blacks to destroy the liberty of the blacks through BLM to enslave the blacks.

1 point

You are the borg. Burritolunch is so dumb. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

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