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RSS Thais

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3 points

totally agree! Jason is my favorite and if she doesn't marry him I will :)

5 points

Spanking doesn't teach kids why they shouldn't misbehave. It sends the message that it's ok to hurt people when things don't go the right way and also creates fear from the child towards the parent, leading to an unhealthy relationship. Parents should come up with an alternative solution by imposing consequences that will teach their kids about rules and respect instead of violence and fear.

3 points








9. Craig's List


6 points

Prayer helps to clear thoughts and to focus our energy towards what we're trying to achieve.. Taking a moment to reflect on aspects of life that need attention and to set our minds towards a wish or a need is very beneficial regardless of one's faith.

3 points

Not at all, but the thought of stepping on some kind of creature scares me!!

4 points

SAMOAS for sure!!!

2 points

I have actually been touched by some stories of women who have agreed to be surrogate mothers out of love for a sister or a friend. I never thought of it as a business, as it’s happening in India. But in this case, it’s very unfortunate that these women there don’t have a better opportunity to make that kind of money and end up submitting themselves to this procedure. But since they see this as an opportunity to help their own families while contributing to the creation of another, I don’t think it’s unethical. As long as they are provided with the appropriate health care to deal with the situation in the best way possible and they freely choose to do it, I believe they do create a “win-win situation” as stated in the article.

3 points

I love how facebook is becoming a global social networking site! Its popularity is growing in other countries and it's great to have friends from all over all in one place..

3 points

totally agree! Although you do have the option of being offline, it would have been nice to have received a notification of this new tool in order to choose to have ir not, and to also be able to add to your list the people you wouldn't mind chatting with...

3 points

It's hard to imagine how life would be without the internet in the world today! The ability to communicate with others across the globe for little cost and an unlimited time is fantastic. It has lessened the barriers among people from different countries and enabled us to acquire information and even debate about any given topic anywhere, anytime, as long as there is a computer and an internet signal. In addition, the emersion of the internet has allowed for many job opportunities, boosting economies around the world. Mundane activities such as getting directions, searching for an address or booking a trip have become a lot easier. Thanks to the internet, such activities can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds making a big difference in people’s lives! I do realize there are some issues that have emerged as a result of having the internet and affected our society negatively such as the easy access that children have to unwanted information, the reliability of information and other illegal activities including identity theft. However, the internet is becoming more secure with time and It has definitely become an essential tool in my life!

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