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RSS Thames

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2 points

Maybe we can address what we talk about when we talk about race in school?

Do students know anything about convict leasing? The roots of disenfranchisement laws? Stokely Charmichael? Ralph Abernathy? Anything written by MKL about poverty and war instead of race? The 1964 Democratic National Convention? Busing in Boston in the 80's? etc., etc., etc.....lynching, Ida B. Wells, the history of Parchman Penitentary....??

How many times do kids hear "I have a dream" versus other parts of the history of race in America?

2 points

redhot, I can see you feel strongly, but surely you will agree that Trump also has a problem with staying on topic and elevating the debate. Please don't follow his example and try to contribute to the conversation we are having.

Additionally, I came across a phrase today, "virtue signaling." Going off and showing righteous indignation is a hollow way to seem to be doing right.

I hope you are doing real good in the real world and not just signaling.

1 point

In what way is Russia nearly as powerful as the U.S.? I'd like to hear about their regional interests (including the Middle East) and how they jive with ours. You could use Iran as an example....

1 point

At least the U.S. has a set of values, backed by our founding documents and centuries of a government bound by legal procedure and democratic norms. I'd rather be in a hypocrite nation (welcome to the human race) than in a revaunchist, mercenary state with the blood of millions on its hands.

1 point

We stand for human rights and therefore can't stand with Russia! What human rights violations has Russia committed that offends U.S. democratic sensibilities?

1 point

You have to show where and how we would not ignore them. Ukraine?

1 point

Expensive in what way? The cost seems to have been in giving Russians a very bad taste for democracy.

1 point

Good. But how would you support them? Arm them? Fund anti-Russian campaigns. What did we do in the Ukraine in 2004?

1 point

Make a point after stating this claim. What conclusions does your claim led you to?

Thames(216) Clarified
1 point

Be specific about which. The packet has examples!!!!!! In Syria? Yemen?

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Winning Position: Is Race Talked About Too Much in School?
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Name: James Thames
Gender: Male
Age: 75
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 39507

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