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RSS The0bserver

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The0bserver(141) Clarified
2 points


There are already plenty of options for clean energy, the problem is the status quo is built around primitive energy sources because that is what the establishment is financially invested in. The thing to understand is that there is no need to rely on any one specific primary source, what we need is more of a balance and mix of wind, solar, fossil fuels, geothermal etc. But instead oil fuels the global economy because of financial interests that have nothing to do with what is more efficient or practical. I implore you to research the petrodollar system.

Definitely the Dwemer. They built giant death robots that shoot steam at you.


What kind of progressive?

I always considered myself to be outside and beyond the entire political spectrum but according to online tests I'm a democratic socialist/libertarian

Politics in general is about holding back civilization by allowing scientifically illiterate power hungry professional liars and manipulators make decisions that impede scientific and social progress.

The older theists get the more the more gay they become.

The older atheists get the more likely they are to become theists because they are afraid of dying.

Harry Potter is classic literature. It is sometimes underrated and sometimes overrated but it is still one of my favorites. When I was a baby my mother read the first book to me, so I have been a fan since before I could walk. I would give the series a solid 6/10

0 points

Believe what you want there mingi boy. Yeah it was inspired by flat earth theories but I am not trying to imitate or mock you specifically, if you want to believe that be my guest but you are wrong.

0 points

Hellno is Nomenclature .

The0bserver(141) Clarified
0 points

Don't be silly Prodigee, I am not trying to imitate your logic, I am simply exposing the truth. If I wanted to imitate you I could facilitize that modality of function most assimilatably into my behavioural patterns.

That reminds me of the time I took acid and tried to peel my dick with a knife because I thought it was a banana.

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