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1 point

Your correct about Oedipus Complex but what makes you think Norman Bates is gay? Where has he been portrayed this way? I've seen the films, the TV series and read the books there has never been any mention of him being gay, lots of mention of an unhealthy obsession with his mother and murdered father though.

It's closer to Oediepal

1 point

You truly are a moron

2 points

Islamaphobia is as bad as any other kind of intolerance be it racism, sexism, Homophobia or whatever, if you judge someone and discriminate against them purely because of their religious beliefs then you are a bigot. I judge people on their actions and deeds not their beliefs, race sexuality, sex or whatnot.

4 points

I like the system we have in the UK everyone has access to "free" (you don't pay except for prescriptions when you receive the service but a portion of your taxes funds the health service, for those who may not know!!).

It may not be the best in the world but due to disability I have to use it regularly and I have had to use the emergency side as well and it is a bloody good service and I wouldn't change it for the another system.

1 point

What I find interesting is that from what I have read Moore did not actually call snipers cowards he said his uncle was killed by a sniper and he was brought up being told that snipers were cowards, a totally different statement. Interestingly I watched Inglorious Basterds the other day which coincided with the big push of adverts on TV for American Sniper the first thought that went through my head was similar to Seth Rogens tweet (wisely I kept that thought to myself)

1 point

There were Northern generals quoted as saying that if they believed the war was being fought over the right to own slaves they'd switch sides immediately. History is written by the winners and because slavery has become a dirty word the Civil War is now seen as a war over the freedom of the slave with the north portrayed as the gallant slave freeing heroes and the south the evil slave traders, reality is rarely that simple. At the time slavery was not seen as the big issue because of the opposition a lot of people did not think the ban was going to be implemented nationwide. Hence the generals comments about the war not being fought over slavery

1 point

In that case in any country were being a Christian is illegal, Christians shouldn't be complaining about persecution because by breaking those countries laws they are also breaking God's laws which he has commanded them to obey himself. So they should be good Christians and obey God's rules stop sinning obey the law of the land and stop being Christians if that's the law!!

1 point

It can't be because if the bible is to be believed God created everything on this earth, I think God's gotta be a stoner just look at the Platypus, either that or the Bibles wrong.

2 points

For me it would depend how the assumption was worded, I would just correct them, tell them I was just opening the question up for debate if my stance on the matter was neutral and if I had a particular stance which they had got wrong I would explain were they had gone wrong. After that if they still did not get it, it might be best to ignore them them as they probably won't ever understand!!

1 point

I will forgive some things, I won't forget.


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