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RSS TheCardinal

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1 point

While I can agree that some wars may have been purely acts of selfish intention, not all wars have been a waste of human life.

For instance, the several Crusades in the Medieval Ages, while primarily having religious intentions, resulted in Europe gaining a lot of knowledge and products. Foodstuffs, such as rice, coffee, sugar and lemons were gained from the Crusaders being integrated with the Middle Eastern lifestyle, the Europeans also obtained key mathematical ideas such as algebra and the decimal system, as well as technological advances from the water wheel to medicines.

Though the war itself lasted for several decades the actual periods of conflict were few and far between, most of the Crusades were spent trading and trying to adapt to a different climate and lifestyle.

1 point

I suppose religion was created to ensure that the population within a state had a shared set of values and morals, that in areas where the borders of nations were very blurred, belief systems helped unite people and promote thought, discussion and discovery.

You claim that religion has manipulated fear of death to ensure its domination, but is it not through faiths like Christianity that remove such fears and dictate that through belief and honest deeds a fellow can enter eternal life and death will never haunt them?

TheCardinal(26) Clarified
1 point

I'm mainly concerned about Christian orientated theology. But seeing the lack of results I shall open up this debate for a multi-faith discussion.

1 point

That comment wasn't appropriate.

2 points

The Bible specifically say that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God.

1 point

But you believe that homosexuality is alright...

0 points

You're Pro-gay? What kind of Christian are you? I've yet to hear of a denomination that accepts homosexuality.

1 point

Well of course then, it is only our Christian duty to be tolerant to others, regardless of their belief or race. That is what I like about living in the UK we have a history of being tolerant to other denominations.

2 points

Tolerance of what?

1 point

I'm a Protestant, I believe in the teachings of Christianity and the Bible, however I do not agree with the Papacy and their take on things.

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"Just a religious person with questions relating to religion and philosophy."

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Gender: Male
Age: 60
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United Kingdom

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