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RSS TheDemocrat

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Native Americans.. I present to you the Republican party!!!!

Vote Democrat.

1 point

Yes it has risen. I gave you the figures. This is what we are dealing with people when we deal with Republicans - they repeat the same argument over and over again even when they have been proven wrong. VOTE DEMOCRAT: we do more than mindless rhetoric.

1 point

My style will not make any Liberal friends and with this I am fine

What he says is quite true. He also demonstrates perfectly what being right wing means. The more the types the more appealing the left wing view appears. On behave of the Democrat party we thank you!

Vote Democrat.

2 points

When Republicans spew incorrect garbage one has to ask: are they liars or merely ignorant? That is your call to make. One thing is for sure though: never trust a Republican.

Vote Democrat.

Supporting Evidence: Increase in Global Warming over last 20 years. (
1 point

Maybe we could stop bombing and exploiting them :p

1 point

I've wasted enough time with your kind of inhumanity. You truly are dead inside if you can't see your inhumanity.

Wonderful. Here we have a real preacher of the Republican way! If he could address my questions he would have strengthened his arguments and built on them. However, he can't. There are no answers in Republican policy - only mindless rhetoric. They think if they scream Nazi and inhumane at you enough times then this validates their arguments. It doesn't.

I would say that his arguments are baseless and this is why he refuses to engage anyone at all in debate. This is not the case. His arguments are based on hatred and ignorance.

Voting Republican is NOT an alternative to Democrat. Vote Democrat. It is the only way.

2 points


I do not what you mean by "late term". When is early enough for you? If you answer that maybe I can address the question.

"For any reason" - the state should never rule on whether someones reasons for aborting are sufficient or not. Woman A with a fetus of x number of weeks may. Woman B with a fetus the same number of weeks may not. It is sick. A democrat government would never be the judge of whether a woman's reason are enough to abort a child. A Republican governent would. Vote Democrat. Fight against government invasion of privacy.

2 points

To say you are personally against late term abortions on demand but agree with Democrats on other issues makes you some kind of dysfunctional person who can not discern simple humanity & priorities in life.

Democrats are not for late term abortions. We are for allowing women to choose for themselves their own moral principle. We know that fetuses that are aborted do not feel. They are not conscious. Is it morally wrong to terminate it? This is not for a politician to decide. Keep government small. The people decide their own morals. Don't let the Republicans rule every aspect of your life.

You have the power. You have the choice. Vote Democrat.

2 points

So tell me why when a Judge says it is ok to kill unborn babies for any reason at any stage, WHY DOES THAT MAKE IT OK?

Again the Republican just doesn't get why the people believe abortion should be legal. "You only believe it should be legal because a judge says it is legal!!!". Incredible. People believe it should be legal despite what any judge has or ever will say.

The vast majority of Americans do not support late term abortions on demand!

Being pro-choice does not mean abortion for any reason at any stage. Again the Republican tells you what you think in order to argue against it.

Don't be like this nutcase - vote Democrat.

2 points

The excuses of pro choice people is laughable

To a Republican being pro-choice is laughable. Despite the fact that a majority of the population believe that abortion should be lawful. A republican is unable to evaluate views other than their own because they are too busy laughing in your face. His view isn't formed from looking carefully at the arguments. In fact he suggests that the only reason you believe abortion should be legal is because I judge has said it should be (and therefore you would also listen to a judge if they said murder was okay).

Vote Democrat. We take the time to listen and understand.

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