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RSS TheDevil

Reward Points:13
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2 points

Although I suppose my current goal is to consume double shots of every whiskey AND whisky at the bar tonight. Currently on the latter. Admittedly I prefer bourbon over scotch.

0 points

Most likely because nobody gives a shit about your version of God or that it's against teh buttsecks.

Subject. Material. Stick to it. That's not an unreasonable request.

2 points

Considering how subjective the definition of "Christian" is, sure, why the hell not. For every Christian out there there's some idiot who's going to say they're not a "real" Christian. Whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. (For those of you who don't know me and for some reason care, I am a straight non-Christian.)

TLDR: Your religion and your sexuality are your business. As long as you're a functional adult: I. Don't. Fucking. Care.

-1 points

When did I ever say I was civilized?

And it's good to see that you're still batshit insane and that truly, some things never change.

Love you, ya ignorant fuck. Never go outside, we'll miss you too much.

1 point

Fair enough.

Next question: do you think that men who are too eagerly submissive to other men are generally a detriment to society? And might the world look different if the word in question had evolved to be a slur against that demographic instead?

For instance, my boss is a miserable fucking faggot. Not because he's gay or straight, but because he absolutely bends over backward to kiss his boss's ass with full tounge action and us lower guys have to pay for it. (I neither confirm nor deny whether said boss is real or hypothetical. I WILL say I hate my fucking job.)

And by the way, hello. You seem halfway sane by the standards of Createdebate. I like you.

0 points

But do you think it could be given another purpose? And might that purpose be a benefit or detriment to society?

-1 points

I've got the opposite problem. I oppose the death penalty, but I've got no problem with killin' dem babies.

I will however say that if we're gonna kill folks, we should take a page from North Korea. Public execution by 14.7mm ZPU4 anti-aircraft machine guns. What we do today is so hypocritical. Squirreling away executions to some corner of a prison at one in the morning and pretending we're still civilized the next day. Bullshit, make it public. Make it ugly. People say firing squads are barbaric, but are they really? Paralysis and experimental drugs over vaporization in the blink of an eye, you tell me which one will be over quicker. Let's Make Executions Ugly Again, let's make our kids watch it on TV at your local kindergarten class. Then we can ask ourselves how civilized we really are.

-1 points

No reason why not that is either logical or not based in religion.

Go get yourself some fine man-ass.

-1 points

Probably sooner, in some form or another. Depends what you mean exactly by world's end.

But what the hell, I'll probably be dead already anyway.

-1 points

I really don't give a shit.

You do you. As long as who you're fucking is a consenting adult and you can show up to work on time, have a blast.

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About Me

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name!"

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Name: The Devil
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Other

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