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RSS TheDevil

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-1 points

Exactly. So stop fucking lying by saying that it's 50,000.

Now, we've been over and over and over why those numbers aren't impressive. It's well established that you just don't care about the per capita murder or suicide rate because whenever there's a dead body, it's magically worse if somebody uses a gun.

What is your plan to deal with violence and protect yourself from an attack? You've provided no answer, not that I expect one.

-1 points

I'm still waiting for someone to call out the Hunter S. Thompson reference... Serves me right, of course anyone frequenting this site would have the attention span of a chihuahua on PCP.

-1 points

Until he incited a riot.

Unless you're going to insist that everyone should have been clairvoyant and foreseen an event with no historical precedent. What the hell, you've clung to worse ideological footholds, have fun.

-1 points


First of all, asshole, voting for someone is not insurrection, that's the democratic process.

Second, the overwhelming majority of people who voted for Trump don't support the Capital riot. If you're going around drawing a line in the sand that says every conservative is a traitor to the nation, that is how you get a civil war which you are just not fucking smart enough to even understand, much less survive.

And third, I'd be amazed if more than 20% of the military voted for Biden.

-1 points

Shutting up is smarter than digging in and defending a stupid idea at all costs.

So you're hardly one to criticize.

-1 points

I've got news for you: nobody spends as long on this website as we do unless they're crazier than a rat in a rain barrel.

C'mon, pull up a drink with me.

-1 points

That probably just means I'm wrong bro.

Happens more often than you think, but hot damn! A sign of self awareness. Make that two beers I'll be drinking tonight.

-1 points

Which brings us to crossing lines in the legal sense, which near every state between us and our destination had made either intentionally vague or in blatant disregard to common sense they claimed to be champions of. The truth was that while I knew that my guns were legal where I had started- for now- legal where I was going, and illegal at all points in between, I was relying on the already largely ignored FOPA to save us should some quota starved bulldog in a state troopers uniform be the kind of personal coward to enforce unethical laws in direct violation of sworn or affirmed oaths against political refugees. I did not, however, know whether this would hold up for traveling with suppressors nor expected it to. Oh, I had jumped through the hoops- hours of phone calls, of weighing alternatives, of documenting paperwork and of seeking all information and protection I could find against the barbarians who would surely put us at the top of an APB list could they only see the contents we traveled with… Yet nobody had the answers. There was absolutely no clear cut legal way to traverse this section of the Divided States without entering a legal gray area. Which left us no choice but to pack up and run as fast as we could across this fucking boneyard of basic American values, with an utterly nondescript vehicle that had functional tail lights, moving no faster than four above the speed limit and absolutely no less. Hell, who was I kidding, the only shit anyone gave about FOPA at this point was with regard to the clause banning machine guns. Which made for but three rules to this trip: do not get stopped, and if stopped, do not under any circumstances reveal the contents of the vehicle. Do not stop of your own accord, but for gas, caffeine, salty snacks and restrooms, and never for more than five minutes. Most importantly: my wife must not know of the perils we truly face until we have long passed this danger.

"I think we should stop at a hotel for the night."

"Goddamnit woman, we can't stop here! This is liberal country!"

This was going to be a very tense trip.

-1 points

We're in agreement for once. I'll drink a beer to that.

-1 points

Where he's going is out of the country. Probably before Biden even swears in.

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