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RSS TheDevil

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-1 points

Depends on what version of Christianity and what you call a Christian. If we're talking about WBC's version, then it's time to dedicate all our resources to finding a way to destroy that god. If we're talking about a less shitty version, I'd be grateful, but I wouldn't go to church or get on bended knee. Personally I think that would be really shallow and egotistical for a god to create an entire universe just so that a race of bipedal mammals can spend time kissing his ass, but hey, if I can just be grateful for what time I have and we bother each other only when we need to then that's fine by me.

But first someone has to prove there's a god. Then it has to be proven that it's any specific god. We're a long way from that.

-1 points

Currently law abiding citizens is what I said.

Jesus, you really don't have a clue about the culture over here. That explains a lot.

-1 points

No, yes, and guns are literally my living, in that order. Some people have a mindset for athleticism, some art, some nursing. Me, I build guns and I can talk about them all day. Just who I am.

This idiot is fun to poke but the novelty's wearing off. Might abandon this place for awhile.

-1 points

Hang on. It actually occurs to me that you might not realize that more that just violent criminals will refuse to turn in their guns. That millions of currently law-abiding citizens will tell the government to stuff it, so you'll be making felons out of and declaring war on a bunch of non violent people. I think you might actually believe that the only people who would hang onto their guns would do so because they would use them to instigate violence. Ergo, you think to yourself that you can just use it as a stepping stone to arrest people based on the belief that because they held onto their gun they must be a violent instigator. Is that guess of what's going on in your head in any way accurate? Because if so, you really have a lot to learn about the culture over here.

-1 points

Would you want to go to prison

The only question that matters here, regardless of your opinion or mine, is whether or not the military and police are ready and able to go put 3.27 million people- assuming that there will only be one percent non-compliance, and it will be more- behind bars. They are neither willing, nor able, and if they were stupid enough to try then we'd be looking at insurgent warfare on an unprecedented scale. So, unless you're going to volunteer to go knock down doors and be on the front lines making that movement happen, you're stuck squarely in the realm of wishful thinking.

-1 points

Over a period of decades? To track down and confiscate 400 million firearms, assuming that the public doesn't revolt?

First, we're not going to all frolic through the daffodils hand in hand to go turn in our guns. It's just not going to happen. Mass non-compliance will ensue, and then you have two options. One, don't enforce the law, in which case what was the point. Two, enforce the law and attempt to wrangle millions- probably tens of millions- of well armed, rightfully pissed citizens. Third, the damn things aren't made of unobtainium. Technical drawings are online and milling machines are a few thousand bucks new. Finally, the people most immediately affected by the ban- assuming you avoid escalation to the point of insurgent warfare between the people and the government- will be those who just want to follow the law, while people who want to rape and murder have no reason to give a shit that oh, by the way, the gun is illegal too.

And if you can't see the problem with leaving a bunch of violent people armed, while disarming folks who just want to follow the law, then you're too wrapped up in your identity to follow any kind of reason. Which we already knew. We've been there, done that, and the horse is fucking dead.

And while it is occasionally amusing to picture you taking yourself so seriously that you can type out some truly amazing contradictions an logical backflips with a straight face, tonight I'm just not in the mood. My offer stands if you want to come to America and go out shooting.

-1 points

Well if you come up with an idea on how to do that which doesn't involve asking murderers politely, or hoping the guns will evaporate by changing the law, or risking the next American civil war, do be sure and let me know.

-1 points

One of many. Not like your problems are going to be their priorities if shit goes far enough sideways. Ask the rooftop Koreans.

-1 points

How is capitalism the only system in which lying is incentivised? I can go to any society, and lie about my age, or social status, or marital status, or monetary status, or literally anything to manipulate people. If I were cheating on my wife, and I told her I wasn't, I'd be "rewarded" by my dishonesty and that has nothing at all to do with an economic system.

-1 points

...Aaaaand, people never lie in a communist society? Or socialist? Or fascist? Or tribal? Or (fill in)_?

Ok, let's say that we create a society where it is a crime to lie under any circumstances (which would have nothing to do with that society's economic system). Punishable by, take your pick, a fine, a prison sentence or death.

How do you determine what objective truth actually is? Because that's basically the purpose of the courts, and they're a) not very good at it and b) already overburdened without taking on every case of some kid telling their parents that they didn't steal from the cookie jar.

Look, I want to believe that we can live in a more honest society, I really do. But no matter how it's presented, so far, I just don't see a solution that's practical, and certainly not one that's realistic.

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