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RSS TheDevil

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0 points

idiots who cause 50,000 completely preventable deaths every year.

And I'm the liar? Even before getting into the nuance of what's preventable or not, go look up some numbers.

1 point

You're wrong that I know nothing of the dangers of guns. You're wrong that I'm the one who is putting their hands over their ears and not listening. And you're still a coward.

-1 points

No. I'm saying:

A) I have an understanding of the dangers of gun ownership that far surpasses yours.

B) I learn what principles are necessary to mitigate those risks, then balance that against the dangers of not owning or distributing firearms.

C) You're a coward because you choose to be afraid of an inanimate object over preparing for the real possibility of violence in your life. And I really, really hope that doesn't bite you in the ass.

D) If you want a fistfight, I've already told you where to find me and to let me know when you get here.

E)Can we pick this up in another debate? I'm sure that JoeCavalry doesn't really appreciate us getting so far off topic and going over the same old shit here.

TheDevil(1) Clarified
-1 points

I could say the same about your ignorant ass, and the only difference would be that I'd neither be wrong nor a coward.

But must we go through this now? This may come as a shock but I've got shit to do.

-1 points

By realizing that taking this too seriously is a great way to lose IQ points and not have any sex.

0 points

Typically they don't have a section like that. Safety rules, parts listing, basic function and operation, warnings, but usually no "troubleshooting" section... It would be kind of redundant, most problems you get with most guns are solvable with the same actions across platforms. At least, that holds up for the manuals I've obtained so far. That said, now we need a series of troubleshooting for trouble shooting materials (videos, manuals, whatever) that will each cover multiple platforms... I might actually bring this up with our media guy at work, he might be interested in this as a pet project.

0 points

-------------------------------------Update- she approves.

-1 points

Thank you. I'm going to use this term next time I eat my wife's pussy.

2 points

Hey, hopefully we never find out. Although it's not like I have an 8 year insight into the capabilities and limitations of our military and law enforcement. That couldn't possibly have any bearing on what I think will happen. Tell you what: if shit truly goes sideways and the citizens rise up and overthrow an attempted dictator, that's when I'll get to tell you I told you so. If we fail, hey, you have the satisfaction of knowing I'm dead.

2 points

A) Your 9mm peashooters are going to do nothing against the government's long range ballistic missiles, attack helicopters, nuclear bunker busters and international propaganda network.

(Laughs in Vietnamese, IRA, Iraqi an Taliban)

Modern governments no longer use violence to control their populations because they do not need to. They can and do manufacture consent, as your own naivety and willingness to misrepresent the facts illustrates perfectly.

Oh sure, because I've always been such a huge proponent of state before self.

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