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RSS TheDevil

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-1 points

Glad to hear it.

When you come up with a specific and realistic battle plan to suppress even one percent of our extremely well armed population with an army and police force that's both well outnumbered and more likely to turn on the government than turn on citizens, I'd love to hear it.

-1 points

As a matter of fact, a gun battle between a tyrannical US government and a pissed of civilian militia was exactly what it was, albeit on a small scale. Athens Tennessee, August 1946. Incumbent corrupt sheriff sends deputies to polling places to steal ballot boxes and rig local election. Sheriff and deputies take ballot boxes to the local jail. Citizens arm themselves, put a bunch of bullets into the jail, deputies surrender after citizens blow the doors off with dynamite. Not one of the citizens involved was charged with a crime in the aftermath. No need to trust me, look it up yourself. Fascinating little slice of mostly forgotten American history.

-1 points

Jesus child-raping Christ, why are you looking for that here on Createdebate?

Fine here's one. Most of us here aren't reproducing. Except for me. But probably not many other folks.

-1 points

Except go to war with the Japanese overseas.

I won't say that's a proud moment in our nation's history but comparing that to a red takeover and political imprisonment like the gulags of the Soviet Union are a false equivalence.

-1 points

Veterans of the revolutionary war, the battle of Athens 1946, and every major insurgency we've fought since Korea are what comes to mind. And you're over relying on the idea that American soldiers and cops will follow the order to go to war with citizens.

-1 points

And what's your plan if your Muslim neighbor is taken to a camp? Your black friend? A gay couple? Someone with the wrong political opinion? You, for whatever reason?

Because about the only option you allow yourself is to bend over and take it.

-1 points

People on this website are so batshit insane that I genuinely have no idea whether you're completely serious or even more sarcastic than I am. If the latter, kudos.

-1 points

This is why I own a rifle. This is why I keep thousands of rounds of ammunition. This is why I go to the range and keep my knife sharp.

If there exists any force claiming the authority within the borders of the United States that is going to try to put citizens in concentration camps for political, ethnic, religious, or other reasons that violate their basic human rights, there are millions of Americans like me who stand ready to kill you.

Good luck.

-1 points

Not personally convinced that the new guy doing that is Bronto. Ask yourself if you're jumping to conclusions.

-1 points

Right, and by that same logic, why even have laws at all?

To standardize punishments for crimes of actual victimization. Which gun ownership isn't. But we've been over that and the conversation goes nowhere.

Nom, serious question here. What is your plan? Politically, I mean? Like, if you were put in charge of the world tomorrow and were able to pass any law you wanted, what would they be, why, and most importantly, what do you think the ACTUAL consequences would be? We've never gone over that and I seriously want to know. Because it sounds to me like your plan is just to ban it all, and then arrest the millions of people who don't comply, all the while thinking that wouldn't lead to the second American civil war, and somehow I'm the insane one (and the fascist) for saying "That's a really fuckin' terrible idea that can only end in further bloodshed."

Seriously, what would it take to get you to explain to me what your anti-gun Utopia looks like? I want to know.

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