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3 points

He dreams of being dominated by a real, right wing man.

Which would make it consensual, just like it is in the book. Do you understand what consent is, Bronto? Because your boss Donald Trump apparently does not:-

Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump tells Bush. “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” He then makes a reference to grabbing women’s genitals, using an obscene word.

Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl

2 points

Bronto, you are just literally hilariously stupid. Everything you ever write or say is stupid. How can you possibly be so stupid that you believe "leftists" are the only people to have read a book which, by your very own admission, is a bestseller?

You genuinely have the mental capacity of a child. It's sad to even watch. 50 Shades of Grey is fiction. Do you understand what fiction is, Bronto?

TheGhost(2) Clarified
2 points

So you work for free?

I work to survive. Bizarrely, it appears you are blaming me for capitalism, which is astonishing given the fact I've spent the better part of two years trying to explain to your stupid self why it's Draconian and rooted in human exploitation. You are beginning to sound just like the right wingers you argue with all day.

Let me put this another way, a scientist working to create a better battery needs the funds he gets to be able to explore different avenues and test products.

Because of capitalism you stupid bitch.

TheGhost(2) Clarified
2 points

Only partially. Too often that incentive can be warped to do exactly what I said earlier, but it can also be incentive to study an area that has yet been either undiscovered or only partially studied.

Money is an incentive only for idiots. For spiritually dead people with little intelligence who don't understand the value of life. The kind of people interested in genuine "study" are not the same kind of people who are incentivised by material wealth, so you're talking nonsense.

1 point

How is the NHS working out there in LONDON ?

See if you can work it out. You pay for it. I get it free. Unless I choose to pay for it, in which case I get a much faster service.

1 point

LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!! You EUROPEAN SOCIALIST have the GREATEST HEALTHCARE just ask MICK JAGGER about that !!

No need to ask Mick Jagger anything. Just look at the statistics in black and white which say your healthcare is shit. bycountry.jsp

1 point

I don't know, but there does seem to be a lot more science and technology going on in capitalist nations.

That's because you're looking through the eyes of a moron who has never left his own country, and who couldn't find Europe on a map.

Here is a link to the most recent Quality Of Life Index:-

1, Denmark, 196.47. 2, Switzerland, 196.08. 3, Finland, 195.06. 4, Australia, 189.73. 5, Iceland, 188.12. 6, Austria, 187.82. 7, Netherlands, 186.41. 8, Germany bycountry.jsp

Note all the European socialist (or semi-socialist) economies which rank higher than your own for healthcare and safety technology.

Put simply, a conversation with you would likely be impossible since you are completely oblivious to what facts are. You prefer to think and say things which are false, but which appeal to popularity and/or groupthink.

The socialist ones just kind of use shittier versions of what capitalists invent

Except the socialists beat you into space and invented satellites. Shut your stupid mouth, you idiotic propaganda station. You stole your technology from Nazis, son. The rocket technology at the heart of American technological power is Nazi technology, stolen in the aftermath of Operation Paperclip. It has nothing to do with capitalism.

1 point

I said I prefer.

You said, "computers tend to be better in just about every other aspect". Once again, you are carefully selecting which facts you include and which facts you ignore. The calling card of an idiot.

Computers are also better for reading because the screen is well lit and the font size can be adjusted to your personal preference.

0 points

In terms of reading I prefer books, but computers tend to be better in just about every other aspect.

How is reading words on a page "better" than reading words on an LCD screen?

You're an idiot.

1 point

I didn’t see that article. Where is it?

Amarel, I've met some fucking hypocrites in my time son but you take the cake.

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