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RSS TheMask

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6 points

I would put you in a gas chamber and steal your secret jew gold

3 points

Technically it doesn't. Humans are just a certain configuration of field oscillations so any attempt to draw a specific line would be arbitrary. "personhood" in the sense you are talking about is a social construct.

0 points

politicians, who are not liars.

You know nothing Antrim. Politicians are human like everyone else, some of them are liars and some of them are more honest but a lot of them have been caught red handed and it's not so uncommon, so stop licking the governments balls.

0 points

If no one had the access to everyone else that NSA has, we'd have genuine equality.

1 point

If I was a christian, I would be the type of christian that says most of the churches have been taken over by Satan.

-3 points
1 point

I don't like safe space BS you imbecile, don't assume things, especially when you're an idiot.

1 point

I was joking you retard, I don't actually live like I described.

1 point


If the leadership is in the right hands

There isn't supposed to be "leadership" in communism, because communism is full on collectivism which governs itself through pure democracy. There has never been a communist state in all of human history because every one that calls itself communist is just about the opposite. Instead of collectivizing the means of production it centralizes it in the hands of the state.

1 point

I start out by sitting on the couch, watching TV and drinking soda while eating dorritos. Then I go from soda and dorritos to twinkies and beer. Then I get up and do my daily stretches before going to take a nap. and then I wake up and the first thing I do is drink more beer and play video games. Then I do 5000 push ups.

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"I am probably a bad person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know"

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