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RSS TheMystic

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2 points

“Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?” Douglas Adams..... I think this is enough.......!!

And I Dont think god can exist. And even if he existed, he might have commited suicide by now after living in those clouds for so long..!!!

2 points

Your question is wrong. everything except atheists bully theists. theists are living under the grace of priests hidden behind mask of gods. they live as almost slaves which you think is a boon, a blessing, a gift from god. So stop protecting your god, i think god does that according to you, but if you see properly, you are protecting god along with priests. because if god is lost, they lose their slaves........!!

1 point

God is not a sinner. those people who have CREATED god and those who believe them are real sinners because these beliefs dont let people to live their life thinking about heaven and hell etc...

1 point

I dont think atheists ever lose to theists...... I mean those who became atheists themselves, not those who are due to other people's influence. Its just sometimes they get irritated how to change the minds of these stupid, foolish theists who are just like sheep, following their foolish ancestors who taught them to be theists...........

1 point

First of all, there is no god. so universe would not be different. and about society, it would be far more better because the religious god made by priests has made life on earth real hell.......... so i wish even this imaginary god perishes fast.....!!

1 point

About women, it was gautam buddhas idea. he never had a women disciple. and he never let any women come near his ashram. i had also heard a story of him which was telling tht he warned his disciples to stay away from women when they set off to spread of buddhas philosophy. and also im against celibacy. i think its totally against nature.

1 point

I know roughly about taoism but not about their philosophy. but i know buddhism, there are many points i dont agree with, like they believe in reincarnation. they consider women a disturbance in the path of enlightenment, etc........ i have still not found an perfect religion. and i dont think buddhism can be called a religion, it is simply an idea, a philosophy...

1 point

Wrong question, absolutely wrong thinking. Love is not dependent upon beauty or ugliness. and what are these things?? these are just comparisons.... and all great philosophers like buddha, osho, sekito, mahavir said, "comparison is illusion".. If you remove all the so called beautiful people from earth, you are not ugly then. this means beauty is beauty only when there is uglyness.... it is not independent.. then what is this beauty when it needs support of ugliness?? world runs not on adjectives but verbs... Nature is an artist, it has made everything different. if you pick a stone and go around the whole world, you will never find an exactly similar stone. just remember you are unique in the whole world. so dont try to be someone else because you will lose your uniqueness... people are stupid who classify beauty or ugly when they cannot be classifies, seperated...!! and if there is beauty somewhere, it is inside a person, which cannot be seen but felt.......!!!

1 point

After life, i think that as we have been made by nature we will also get lost somewhere in the nature. everything will be dispersed, not destroyed. There can be no heaven or hell, these are just made so that there is no fear of death. all that you have is with you now. so after death, there will be nothing left...... so enjoy life which is in our hands, stop worrying about the next one which i dont believe is there..........!!

1 point

Im not against god, i am against religion itself. so it makes me more than an atheist. and i have not said atheism is cooler anywhere...... I said being yourself, free from religion and god is cooler.....!!

P.S. - can you tell me the name of this religion you mentioned. i really curious and want to know because i havent heard of it yet....thanks in advance.....!!

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Tied Positions: Polytheism vs. Monotheism
Winning Position: God lives in air-contitioned room up there up all beautiful women and in peace...!!!

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Name: Harshavardhan 
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: India
Postal Code: 415110
Education: In College

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