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RSS ThePoisoner

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1 point

I really don't get how if the trinity is one triune god that Jesus doesn't know when god will send him, even though they are the same person.

There is more than likley an answer, but until I find it it's puzzling as all get-out.

1 point

I've only played Dota2, and It has better streamers, so yeah. Awesome.

2 points

Provided you don't get ripped off in shipping and handling charges, the variety, price, and convince of ordering from your home far outweigh using gas money to drive to a selected spot using your time as well to get something that you could have gotten over the internet...





1 point

Considering that George Washington's empire tried to rebel against him only a few years after he had it, the choice is obvious.

1 point

A big problem is that Christians when arguing that their god is the ideal one (on issues such as gay marriage, celibacy, baptism, universal salvation, etc)

Resort to the True Scotsman fallacy that they are not a chrisian if they believe in one specific god.(or Ariana)

2 points

In a monarchy you at least know you don't have a choice :)

2 points

How about we saw Mexico off the bottom of the U.S and make them swim?

1 point

Eh, if you believe in Christian universalism, there is no choice.

0 points

If that did happen, it would pretty much make whoever had the technology infinitely powerful/rich, and basically do whatever they want.

1 point

It's at least better then the gospel of wealth, which has 90% tax rates for the top 1%

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