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RSS ThePotatoman

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10 most recent arguments.

Frankly, I didn't choose the other option only because it states that it is bologna. It is clearly miracle whip.

I had a hard time doing this to my Doctor. Dr. Richard Johnson was used to all the usual dickery associated with these kinds of exams, and I kind of dropped the ball on the delivery as well. The joke ended prematurely, and he was left with a mess... of paperwork.

ThePotatoman(203) Clarified
1 point

False. While society's definition of Pro-life is actually a purely anti-abortion stance. I follow a more traditional understanding of the definition of Pro-life, which is I am for whatever is more conducive to saving human life.Also, did you even read my comment? I said I personally believe that it should only happen if it is to save the mother's life. However, people should be free to get abortions if they want too. That's the beauty of choice. Without the option to do wrong, "right" is meaningless.

True, but no single human is "pure logic". Human's are creatures privy to emotions, weakness and double standards. Like you said, Belief doesn't alter logic. I agree with you there. How could I not? It's a fact. What I was saying was no single human can use logic without being influenced by their emotions in some way. This will corrupt their reasoning slightly, and will cause people to see what they want to see in most philosophical debates.

ThePotatoman(203) Clarified
1 point

You make a very good point there... Filler for minimum character block

Seeing as Force Users are resistant to mind control, I would give it to Vader. Cyborg telepath with a Lightsaber VS Crippled telepath in a wheel chair...

That's a pretty white ass for it to be Obama's... must be good ole Biden!

Sea Serpents are recorded (although I will admit under sketchy circumstances). Giant squids were originally considered "mythical", but recently were found to exist. So sure, why not.

Experience should form beliefs as well. Otherwise, how are you going to grow as a person?

As long as I'm the sugar daddy, I don't see anything wrong with it ;) However, I'm still a young man and these old guys are stealing all the lookers. What gives?

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