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RSS ThePrince

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1 point

Wrong. Have you heard of Great Britain? Not even Police carry guns and they have almost no gun crime.

1 point

Not true. Obama and the Senate had put in place several new gun restrictions and gun ownership and crimes have gone down. In Britain, where guns are illegal altogether, there are hardly any gun crimes

1 point

No. Obama is doing what is right for this nation. He is not abusing his power in any way or form, you may have him mixed up with George Bush.

2 points

Monarchy is a better form of government. Here is why:

1. Monarchs receive the best of education growing up, and therefore know what is best for a country.

2. Monarchs care more about their country as to them, they are upholding a family tradition.

3. Dictators have been known in the past to be more ruthless than Monarchs.

Source: My Grandfather was the Lord of Hamburg.

1 point

I agree. If abortion is illegal, than what happens to the young teenage girls who are raped? Many would die during childbirth. Furthermore, if a couple divorced after the wife was pregnant, she may not want to have the child anymore.

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