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RSS TheScarecrow

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2 points

Yap yap yap. Take your medicine bro. You're on full nutjob.

Right. So I have the right to shoot you in the face because you are making me feel threatened.

You've already claimed you want Corbyn to take this position. You're a liar.

2 points

Trump touts Rasmussen poll showing 49 percent approval

Rasmussen Poll: Trump Approval Rating at 49 Percent

Read Newsmax: Rasmussen Poll: Trump Approval Rating at 49 Percent

-1 points

In other words no rebuttal. I gladly accept your white panty flag.

-1 points

Do underwater volcanoes explain any ice melts and temperature rises in the oceans?

Maybe. But volcanoes don't change the fact that science hates you.

So an admittance of me being correct. Good.

Are we simply in a part of the climate shift where temperatures rise naturally due to the tilt changing of the Earth over time?


Wild Speculation.No data to back up your claim.

If temperatures have slightly risen, is this current, mildy risen temperature, better or worse than when it was a degree cooler? Why or why not?

You're not thinking long term enough.

Tell us how long term to think. And if the climate seems fine, why would I assume it's getting worse, seeing most of the worst hurricanes on record aren't recent?

So stop referring to ancient civilizations and try to dispute the indisputable fact that humans are emitting gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.

Demonstrate to me that gases being trapped in the atmosphere isn't due to natural phenomenon. Then provide me data from any other time period to compare it to. Oh wait. I gave you the best data available. That data of another time period is? Cities were covered over with water not that long ago but before industrialization. Was it because "gases trapped heat in the atmosphere"?

You can't hire yourself. You must hire someone else.

2 points

The climate had nothing to with the onset of ice ages


Ice ages are times when the entire Earth experiences notably colder climatic conditions

The climate had nothing to with the onset of ice ages you daft bastard. Ice ages are caused by the Milankovitch cycles. Read a book for fuck's sake. You are embarrassingly stupid.

God you're an uneducated idiot.

But you didn't agree they were two separate things

I never made any claim that human caused change is the same as natural chsnge. I claim there is no human change in the first place.

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