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2 points

I dunno.. We got DNA on one hand

No, you DON'T have DNA on one hand. It has been explained to your ridiculously stupid face DOZENS of times that DNA DOES NOT HAVE A RELIGIOUS PREFERENCE. DNA CANNOT BE MUSLIM, JEWISH, CHRISTIAN OR ATHEIST.


1 point

Ashkenazi Jews where named Jews by humans, not by science. The reason we named them Jews is because their culture is one that practices the religion Judaism. Your DNA doesn't know that humans decided to arbitrarily call your ethnic group Jews. You are a science denier and a fact hate

Well said. Of course, this does not need to be explained to people who are not fucking delusional.

0 points

Hello hater and science denier

NOBODY is going to take anything you say seriously when you begin your indefensible posts with baseless fucking slander.

The ONLY person who is denying science in this debate is YOU. It DEMONSTRABLY is you:-

The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women.

Your DNA is not Semitic and you do not believe in God. Hence, you are not Jewish. PLEASE get it through your incredibly dense skull.

-1 points

What if I agree with your statement, disagree with your semantics and hate muslims?

Then I will bring you a world of Jihad.

1 point

Are do you not understand Judaism to be a religion not a race.

I assure you he believes it to be a race. Otherwise, there would be nothing gained in referencing DNA while trying to prove his "Jewishness".

-1 points

Hey science DENIERS,

Why are you arguing with DNA?

DNA is science. Therefore I am 97% Sunni Muslim.

You MUST agree with me otherwise you HATE Muslims.

0 points


My thoughts are that you are an intellectually redundant imbecile who is trying to sell a false premise through the use of a laughably weak example.

Perhaps you would care to explain how sending completed artwork off to be judged puts the creative process under pressure.

1 point

Investigative journalism isn’t supposed to be creative

Citation required. Perhaps you can pick one for us from your complete lack of practical experience as a journalist. You know literally nothing about journalism so perhaps you should simply stfu and stop packaging your own ignorant opinion as fact.

it’s supposed to be informative.

Creative and informative are not mutually exclusive terms you moron. Creativity is a skill required for all writing work, given that you have to CREATE IT.


1 point

The primary argument of the article is that machines lack a sense of meaning and/or intentionality.

Are you under the impression that nobody else can read?

But it’s conceivable that we could give this ability to machines.

Not according to the article.

Only a mind has intentionality, and intentionality is the hallmark of the mind.

But to believe that machines can think or that human thought is a kind of computation is a profound error. Belief in this fundamental error about AI will lead us away from, not toward, the truth about AI.

If an AI machine requires a material input to continue to function, and we program it to seek said input and avoid running out of it, then it will find meaning when observing sources of its input.

The article explains CLEARLY that you are wrong:-

The hallmark of human thought is meaning, and the hallmark of computation is indifference to meaning.

It is always the same game with you. Indecipherable gibberish backed up by a complete absence of any material evidence to support what you are saying. And that's when you're NOT directly contradicting what you claim to have read.

1 point

You must really hate Jews

And straight back to the neo-Nazi rhetoric.

Fuck off you idiotic little prick.

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