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RSS TheTruth91

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

i downvoted your arguemtn again because i see no other reason than to harass me. Im not a troll.

1 point

This site is about debating. Not trolling who is getting downvoted. Grow up and wake up. It is nonsense to argue with this. Im 20 years old, i don't need this.

1 point

You got me all wrong. I am not a perverted dude. I am just expressing my ideas on pedophilia and child molestations. I don't need negativity from you. You are so wrong in many ways, and that is not even the debate to even discuss that.

You jump the border and start to label me for something that is not true. Yes, i have many pedophilic questions but that does not mean im a pedophile. A person who has a ciagrette in his hands does not mean he is smoker. You need evidence before you label.

I hope you don't get the comments that everybody is giving me. It hurts me bad. real bad. And the worse part about it is that maybe it is all true. You don't deserve to debate my friend.

1 point

Sunset, i didn't mean to troll and say "ha ha." I saw you as a friend and i thought i would like to be honest with you. I question myself a lot. "am i bad because i laughed at the fact that this happened to her?" It is hard to say yes, because i don't like to be an outcast.

But you don't understand why i couldn't lie to you. Friends don't lie. Yes i giggled a little bit but you can't control your feelings. That debate which got deleted was about the idea that you can't control your feelings. You think you can but you can't deny that that inital feeling of laughter came. I can't deny that to you! How do you think i feel when i get comments that im a sicko and that i hold dicks in one hand?

i hope you forgive me and understand that i never meant to disrespect you but want to be honest with you.

1 point

Hey. I don't mean to get on your bad side. I don't want to argue with you because i hate that feeling. Although some parts of me like it, i just can't handle that rage. Im not a pedophile. You think i am but i am not.

I honestly think you are worse than a pedophile. My opinions alone. :)

1 point

I am not a pedophile. YOu guys don't seem to understand me. Do you even understand what you are typing. I feel like commiting sucidie because of your comments. It is not wrong for me to laugh because feelings come natural to people. You can't control it or initiate it. If you can think yourself happy, can you be happy. No, feelings are consequences of things such as music.

0 points

you never said in your last argument what you said here. Your last argument was trollish. Im not trollish. But that is my opinion.

-1 points

you fail at debating because you fail to contradict me. So what if cigarettes and alcohol can kill you. This is about weed. And downvote me. I don't care. It is not like i am going to cry or be sensitive like you. I am going to downvote you because your comments was a troll comment. Not a debating comment.

-1 points

lol im the nut job for not supporting cancer and death. Look in the mirror and see how much a hypocrite you really are.

2 points

if a man rapes a lady, there is a possible chance that they can do it again. That is why i believe that they deserve to go to jail. If it was 100 percent possible that they wouldn't do it again, then don't put them in jail.

I don't care for justice because that is crap. It is wrong to put someone is jail for a long time. Nobody has the right to ruin someone life like that. And that does not mean i support rapists.

I hate how people say "let them go to jail and get raped." I think that is wrong and satanic to say. I guess i see the good in all people. I want to help everybody including the ciminal.

I think God would do it too. :) Life was meant to be happy. That is what God intended. I know that without unhappiness, there is no happiness. That does make sense on some level. But isn't that life better than this.

I want to die and go to heaven. But i am going to let life kill him, instead of my own actions. :) Death is looking more beautiful everyday.

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