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RSS TheTruth92

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1 point

I never said that i can be both....until now. It depends on society. Society stated that a man is someone who has a penis, and other biological facts. And this goes the same for a woman.

But lets say i created society and created the definition of man and woman. I can say a man and woman is everybody. That is in society, yes you cannot be both. But universally, you can because the universe is a society without rules.

Biologically/Scientifically there is a difference between man and woman.

This frustrates me because on the idea of "can." I believe anything can be possible and i am thinking maybe not? I was discussing with friends about this and they say that just because it never happen before, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Maybe one day we can fly on brooms. It is illogical but don't you think the titanic floating on water was illogical. But when i apply this concept to say yes "we can both male and female"... i disagree.

1 point

lol that is true. You have a point but does not mean it wouldn't happen. Would you agree?

A picture is a "thousand" words.

1 point

Actually i am going to report you to the sites of this mod and actually tell them to report you to the authorities.

I said raping babies CAN be a good thing. Because anything is possbile. How would people in the 1900s, would figure out they would soon have the internet and airplaines. This concept applies here. Just because rape hurts people doesn't make it a bad thing.

I said it CAN and i never said i will. And you basically said to me "I WILL kill you.' You gave a threat in which i never did to you or to babies. You are actually pathetic and you are the actual bad person. Not me! I never said i will kill or rape. But you said hypocrite.

I won't report or do that to you. But if you think that you can get away with it, LOL! Cyber threats are real and against the law.

Learn to respect!

1 point

hmmmm i am thinking.......

I just agreed with you. I guess when i look at a painting, i am using my brain to interpret what it is actually saying. However, does that apply to people. If i don't interpret your words, does it mean you are not communicating.

I think words and messages is a form of communication. However, when you write the words " you are drawing the words out." Therefore, drawing and writing is the same thing. So that means paintings can communicate as well.

Dunno. Yes, i found your comment and searched for flaws. That is what i do. Is that a bad thing, no. In fact, that is one basic pursuit of this site. However, don't take such offense to it. It is a debate. And i just don't reply to you.

1 point

I think you need to mature a bit and grow up some more to understand the real truth.

Raping babies CAN be a good thing. Im not saying it CANNOT be a good thing. If you say you have five fingers on the your hand, how do i know you are telling the truth? How do i know that i can trust your counting abilities or that you missed a finger?

lol you never think.

1 point

I don't actually if you are pathetic or not. NO matter how much it satisfy me to call you names, im not stooping your level.

Um what? You said "this was the case." but yet you didn't prove it. Yes my debates was about sex but why is sex suppose to be inappropriate. I bet you never gave a thought. Why is sex such a bad topic on createdebate? It is because society told you it was bad and it is outside the normality of you and other people.

You are just like Hellno2012. You will outcast a person who is outside of your own normality and THAT IS pathetic. I may be the victim. I may be wrong but i sure don't think im wrong.

And let me tell you about history Billie. If we lived in a era that was all about sex (and there has), you will not outcast me or say i need help. You say i need help because im not in normality. The truth doesn't talk about normality and it is always the truth that puts people on the hated side of the fence: "Jesus Christ"

you need to mature and make false accusations.

1 point

Let me tell you something Hellno2012, A picture is better than a telephone converstation because a picture can tell infinite words.

If you recieved a phone call that you children says "im being abused by my mother" that is six words.

But if you recieve a picture of the abuse, your mind is going to percieve the picture in words: "Help me." "i need help." "I can't take this no more." "help me dad." That is more than five words there. (And child abuse is an example so don't they oh im sick because i bet you are thinking that).

I sense that you don't use your imagination. Each painting portrays ands tells a story. That is communication alone. What? You need a voice to communicate? What about sign languages? What about protests and other actions?

Everything i said about you can be wrong. I don't know actually if you have an imagination.

1 point

I really want to know where you are getting this from. Because i never called you sick and you are judging me off of false information. This is a debate, not humiliat. And i think you need to mature a bit and learn how to respect people and understand the real situation. The real situation is that Hellno2012 thinks that paintings cannot communicate with people. You don't need a voice to communicate. That is the whole situation and not of this "pretending crap." Remember i am the "Truth" not the "false."

1 point

Wow Billie. I pretend to ignore the real people who want to help? where are getting this from because this wasn't the case.

1 point

you know what your problem hate the fact that i talk about rape and pedophilia. I have ideas that you cannot understand or whatever think of. Think about it. I talk about sex a lot but why is that bad? You think it is bad because of society. Im talking from the normality of society and that is why you get angry.

Think about it. Do you find it reasonable to hate me for talking about rape and pedophilia. Those are topics i like to talk about such as the topics you like to talk about. You like to talk about "arch enemies on cd" or whatever and I DO WHAT I LIKE TO DO. Am i doing something wrong?

no! you think im doing something wrong because this is out of your normality. Lol Normal User???????????????????????????????????????????????? Normality does not exist universally and it does not exist among every individual as a whole. How can you pick normal from a group of different people. Everybody is different. Everybody is retarded. Everybody is ugly or beautiful.


i find that pathetic.

Winning Position: hello

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