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2 points

Free means free at the point of service paid for via taxes. It means no upfront costs and spreading the cost out over a larger risk pool and bringing in more taxes from the wealthy. Consolidating under one plan means significantly less administrative costs.

Nobody who supports Bernie is under the impression that government programs dont cost money.

"Durrr FrEe DoEsNt ReAlLy MeAn FrEe" has never been a clever point. Its always been painfully stupid

0 points

Its built around old jewish law.

They have the same god as the christian god.

How do you not see how he is still responsible for the horrible shit in the old testament?

God himself came up with horrid rules then invented a convoluted scheme where he sacrifices himself to himself to change the rules that he couldve just changed all along because hes omnipotent.

You have a god who is all powerful and boundless yet somehow bound by imaginary spiritual rules that demand that he do a sacrifice. HE IS GOD. HE MAKES THE RULES. Why the hell would he not just change the rules to not require a sacrifice?

Nothing about your retarded religion makes any sense and you know that deep down. does it get exhausting listing out 20 different excuses for the blatant falsehoods, absurdities, and internal inconsistency of your god/faith?

And your last point you dont even dispute that god kills babies. You admit god kills babies. Your only argument is "yeah well you support killing unborn babies too!"

yeah i do. So does your god. Im not the one who is suggesting abortion is immoral. Your god is. So why does he defy his own command?

You have no answers

1 point

Because he's too afraid to hang himself like he ought to have done already.

1 point

because there has NEVER been a right winger whos daughter went on to do sex work.

Youre a fucking joke dude

2 points

Yes he is but his point is how can you support trump who self financed and call it a negative when bloomberg does it.

0 points

For someone who loves to ban and ignore people you sure love to leave the comfort of your own debates to argue with people and then as soon as you start getting slapped you ignore.

Why do you choose 6 replies later to "ignore" him?

Why respond to him in the first place? Id guarantee he's banned from your debates automatically.

3 points

Your lord and savior got made fun of. Is it important news? No. Is it funny? Yes

3 points

You dont have to 100% solve an issue to make a difference in the aggregate. In the longterm is it possible a few hundred people are unable to get a gun to kill themselves or others because of this? Yes. And thats enough of a reason to do it.

1 point

It boggles my mind that someone wrote this here and thinks anyone will read it or care.

1 point

This is just more of the same in this bleeding heart culture. These political correct Progressives refuse to take a stand against irresponsible behavior.

Im a progressive and am one of the most outspoken people for fixing this site and getting rid of the trolls. Youre just completely making that up just to fling insults. Last i checked youve been here for the past 2 years while i have not. How come it took me coming back and making a fuss about it for you to speak up?

In our public schools we have Liberals telling everyone how no child must be denied an education, even if he is a disruptive idiot ruining every other child's ability to learn in a stable environment.

Thats completely untrue. No teacher is going to allow a disruptive kid in a classroom. You can go on youtube and watch 50000 videos of teachers throwing disrespectful or loud kids out of class. It happens all the time.

We are paying teacher aides to babysit dysfunctional bullies every single day.

Sure but that doesnt mean theyre placed in the same classes with everyone else. We separate them and give them more personalized 1 on 1 teaching because clearly they need it. Theres a reason WHY theyre being disruptive.

If its a mental disorder they shouldnt be turned away from education they just need specialized help. If theyre disruptive because of trauma at home or whatever then they need help for that too. Very few disruptive kids are just inherently evil. Theyre almost always acting out for a reason. Youre approach is way too blanketed. and the analogy doesnt really work

The Democrat Party has been taken over by insecure Progressive elites who want no accountability for one's own choices in life.

The prison population and the deportation numbers both increased under obama. Unless you mean legalizing marijuana in which case you shouldnt have to be accountable for that because its not a bad thing.

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