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RSS Thejackster

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Batman already beat him in the Dark Knight Returns.

I love both, but Batman has the brains, the brawn, and the gadgets. Spiderman has the advantage of having superpowers (especially his spidey sense), but he is limited in the fact that he is a teenager without much resources.

2 points

I have a body count higher than Stalin, Mao, and Hitler combined

0 points

1. Most world leaders technically do follow God, it depends on which one your talking about. Aside from a few countries, most modern day world leaders identify as to being religious. Here in the United States, almost all of our presidents have identified as christian.

2. Hitler did not do what he did simply because he, in your words, "rejected God" . While I will concede that Hitler was most likely not a Christian (due to personal recorded statements), he never renounced his belief in a higher power and a great deal of the Germans and other Europeans who helped carry out the Holocaust were Christian. Plus, Hitlers anti-semitism (as well as anti-semitism in the West as a whole) has its roots in Christianity. Back during mideviel Europe, numerous pogroms were comitted against jews.

3. Most of the countries who score the highest when it comes to living conditions have largely non-religious populations, such as Sweden and the Czech Republic

If so, then jerking off is committing genocide.

With a few exceptions, like Ayn Rand, many of the politically right-leaning atheists I have have heard, seen, or met seem too quiet on pushing for secular values. While I can understand their shared goal of free-market economics with the religious right, they are too reluctant to take on and advocate for secular social values like the separation of church and state and the right to marriage for gays.

Thejackster(517) Clarified
2 points

Lol, I can never tell with you. While there is a notable debate as to the extent of the problem, I'm tired of hearing the old "but then why do we still have cold weather?" Argument

4 points

You take the prize on this.

2 points

I'm sorry Hellno, but if thats your response, you need to be reading more reaserch other than the Heritage Foundation and The Drudge Report

I'd rather not live in either, but I have many friends from Saudi Arabia and they don't seem too completley miserable and they are allowed to leave there, so I guess I would choose Saudi Arabia, but only just barely

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