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RSS ThisNameIs

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1 point

Sir, is the moth still a moth? The answer is yes. Is it a new species? No.

You have failed. Try again.

1 point

This is not evolution. Are the bacteria turning into a different species? Nope. They are just adapting to the environment that they are placed in. It's not just bacteria that does this...Humans also do this...When the first explorers arrived in the new world, they contracted different diseases that their immune system had not encountered, thus they could not fight it...But over time, the newer generations gained an immunity to the "New" diseases. Did we change as a species? Nope.

Try again.

1 point

Let me start off with the meaning of Science. It's Latin for "Knowledge". Do we have knowledge of species becoming entirely different species? Nope. You might say "Oh, well what about darwins finches?" Yea....Have you ever heard of adaptation? It is the ability of a species to adapt to its environment. Does it turn into a DIFFERENT species? Nope. You might say "Oh, well it takes millions of years of adaption, random mutations, natural selection, along with isolation of different groups over time to eventually create a new species." Firstly, going back to my main point, have you observed this? Nope. Thus, is it science? Nope.

2 points

No. They can not co-exist.

The reason being that Science can not tell you what morality is.

Can Science explain why I shouldn't rape women? No. According to science, I'm just spreading my seed. It does not dictate why I shouldn't rape women. In nature, animals rape each other (Of course not all the time, but it does happen) and again, according to Science, that's just what happens. But we all know that rape is wrong. Why is it wrong? That's what science can't answer.

Morality is an abstract thing; the difference between right and wrong. The word "Science" originates from Latin, which means "Knowledge" We have KNOWLEDGE that rape occurs. Is it moral to rape? No. Can science tell you that? No.

In conclusion, Science and morality are two completely separate things, and anyone who says otherwise has not spent the time thinking about the subject.

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About Me

"I'm a no-bullshit kind of guy who hates libtards and loves logic and science. Happy? Fuck off."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Canada
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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