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2 points

If only that were the case. If it were; we'd 1) RID ourselves of the filibuster

Democrats literally tried.

2) we'd PASS massive infrastructure

So your party lied when it said it would pass massive infrastructure, and you fell for it again, or you don't actually need for your politicians to do anything they promise they will do.

3) we'd PROTECT voter rights

Your party isn't protecting voters rights despite having all branches of government multiple times in my lifetime? Then what the fuck do they do all day?

4) we'd END police unions and REVAMP the police

The party that cried for the defunding of the police would? Do you live on another fucking planet?

we'd PASS the Green New Deal

Great. You have all branches of government multiple times, but won't be passing anything you bitched about for 4 years? And you'd vote for these dipshits why again?

7) we'd MAKE college free

Your party runs the colleges and is raising tuition nationwide. And with all 3 branches, they hiked tuition and never even sniffed at getting free tuition passed.

8) we'd END homelessness

Blue areas have the worst homelessness, so clearly you wouldn't.

9) we'd MANDATE mask wearing and require vaccination

Tell me one good reason I'd listen to someone who wants mandatory vaccinations that aren't FDA approved?

10) we'd END the drug war

Kamala Harris put drug offenders in prison like it was a video game which had the purpose of locking up as many druggies as is humanly possible. Does reality ever have to actually match the bullshit that you type out?

1) we'd PASS Medicare for all..

You demand medicare for all, get all 3 branches multiple times and still don't have medicare for most. You must sleep well at night knowing that your elected officials are completely worthless human stains on the planet Earth.

And if that weren't enough, 12) we'd end gerrymandering forever.

The left would never win an election again. You were 0 for 10. You should receive a trophy for biggest load of bullshit.

1 point

Look.. You're a guy who thinks all anybody has to do to vote in this great country of ours, is just show up at the polls..

Then let the Cubans in, and prove you aren't xenophobic.

Do you KNOW how ignorant that is??? Nope..

Then your party has no reason to deny voter IDs or Cuban refugees.

You don't. But every other human being does..

EVERY human being? Do I really need to go into why that's stupid as hell?

2 points

If you are unfamiliar with the Rwandan genocide, the Hutu's proposed a “final solution” to the problem, which resulted in the grizzly murder of close to 100,000 Tutsi's.

It began with calling the Tutsi's cockroaches.

The left says being white is a disease. You don't come off as very self aware.

Has ours began with calling black people Bongos?

I see the left call black Republicans Bongos, Nig---s, and Coons, so it began long ago with the party of the Klan which has devolved into the party of antisemites, anti Asians, and anti Cubans.

2 points

If we DO go all Rwanda, what side will America’s white power movement be on??

The Democrats are pushing for segregation and got Richard Spencer's vote because he fully agrees with the left pushing for segregation, so you tell me. segregation/amp/

1 point

When I was in the Navy, I received 17 different vaccines.

That were FDA approved after decades of research.

Should our soldiers have the freedom to REFUSE the COVID vaccine?

Seeing it can't pass basic peer reviews and isn't FDA approved, you tell us. Should soldiers have the right to refuse a non FDA approved cock shoved in their ass? Should they have the right to not have Agent Orange dumped on them by the same state you worship as your god? Apparently you believe the cock and Agent Orange should be mandatory because reasons.

1 point

We've discussed straw men before.. I guess you were out that day. If you wanna HAVE an intelligent argument, you CAN'T start it off with a straw man.. You just can't..

Here's what the dictionary says about straw men. You know what a dictionary is, right??

It would only be a strawman if the left wasn't suppressing speech, wasn't demanding masks and wasn't shutting down businesses.

1)I'll assume you are mentally handicapped and give you the benefit of the doubt.

2)You ignored the point because you have no defense of your psychopathic political religion or the Hitlerian things it does.

1 point

But, I'm wondering WHY you don't attack my arguments, instead of attacking me.. Well, the answer is obvious.. You CAN'T attack my arguments because they're SPOT ON..

I've watched you get debunked and ass slammed more than a college whore on spring break.

TigerPaws(18) Clarified
1 point

What these ideologies have done is provide a reward structure for the emotional side of the brain, at the expense and neglect of the rational side. What we are seeing are the results of the emotional side of the brain dominating the rational side.

Yet those on the left use more emotional appeals and are convinced more by emotional arguments. You're claim couldn't be more untrue, and in fact is dead wrong. You're history of being dumber than a used condom would explain that.

TigerPaws(18) Clarified
1 point

I have three "black" grandchildren. They don't agree with you. ;-)

I have 4. They don't agree with you.

2 points

The people of Europe today are not responsible for the sins of their fathers.

If they are, Africa is responsible for the sins of their fathers, and those sins pile a thousand miles high. By the left's standards, selling their own people into slavery and enslaving them themselves probably should rank number one.

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