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RSS Tim17

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

We were arguing off topic before I made that debate.

I said we may not still be off topic if you hadn't of made that debate.

You could have gone back to the original topic at any time. Nobody is stopping you.

The same applies to you.

Yeah... You say you're smarter than I am (talk a big game), but you aren't proving it... You never did, not even when we were on topic (can't back it up). You'll probably just say you don't need to though... In that case, then stop responding to me. I like to argue, so I can keep going with this bullshit lol.

I did not say I was smarter than you. And I was directing my point about personal life, not debating. I don't have to back up my personal life to you. So once more, stop assuming things.

Can you do me a favor and go back and reread our arguments first, at least the ones that were on topic... And actually, you responded to a point I was making to someone else, so maybe you should read my arguments with that person as well?

I will admit I'm too lazy to read through all the arguments. Would you mind bolding them in your next statements?

Get everything into context before you start making assumptions.

Now isn't this ironic?

Oh... good one lol.

Thank you.

I've been waiting for that the entire time... I made a point that you never refuted.

Would you mind bolding them in your next statements?

1 point

My memory is just fine. Apparently you don't recall that you started this shit.

Yes, I do recall starting this but did not mean for it to go this far. We still wouldn't be arguing off topic if you didn't have such a low self esteem to go and make a pointless debate.

Two ignorant lines that started this bullshit... Not to mention you disputed me first, not vice versa.

You didn't like what you read, so you resorted to calling my argument "stupid"... As people who have found themselves backed into a corner, usually do.

If you have more knowledge, why don't you try to show it? You must understand the topic better than I do, if you are more knowledgeable than I am... Yet you have been off topic most of this debate. You talk a big game, but you can't back it up.

False, I see you love assuming things. I'd be more then happy to proceed with the debate in a civilized manner, but you're making it impossible since you keep insulting me and when I defend myself you continue making false claims and in your little head I guess you think you're right and your false assumptions are true. I also just said don't dish out if you cant take it, then you say I talk a big game but cant back it up? you're not doing so good backing up your nonsense.

Sorry to break it to you, but you are on a debate site.

OK so how about we get back on topic about the debate?

That's because it is a figment of your imagination.

Na, I believe your college degree is.

Is that why you tried to impress me with your credentials? LOL!

And your childish irony continues! LOL!

Now how about we get back on topic with the debate in a friendly status.

1 point

Are you serious? I admit I can't explain how our universe came to be. I follow what theories science gives us. But don't you find it ironic that you also can't explain how an all powerful, all knowing, loving spirit came out of an uncaused cause that works outside of our laws of physics and time? And don't come with that nonsense "Gods preexisting." Because I can say the same about the universe. But then at the same time I feel bad for you since you don't believe in the flying spaghetti monster. I hope you find your way to him.

1 point

Insult? I'm not sure If you're joking or just have a bad memory. But you have been making false assumptions "aka" insulting me also. I'm not trying to insult you. I'm simply dishing out just like you are buddy. And I don't have to back up anything to a stranger I'll never meet. I know how successful I am and what degrees I have. All these false assumptions you're coming up with aren't phasing me at all. Stop dishing out if you cant take it.

1 point

Please tell me more false assumptions you know about me? You my friend are idiotic. Its obvious your attempt failed. You may want to try harder next time. Now are you letting your "arrogance" get in the way? You've clearly showed that you lack an open knowledgeable mind. They still let old people like you get a GED, so I think you better get one as soon as possible.

1 point

Your assumption is pretty ironic. I would say a lot of religious people get caught up with "God" that they don't act as if their in his presence.

1 point

Oh the irony! So making a debate titled "am I as ignorant as Tim17 says I am?"(title may not be worded correctly) isn't to give you some kind of "moral victory?" It sure seems like it to me. But they do have counseling for people with such low self esteem as yourself. I advise you to go see you one.

1 point

Lame? Says the person who creates debates about people when they don't agree with you. Is your self esteem that low? And no, I don't care to.

1 point

I hope you stop living in a fantasy world. Silly Christian.

1 point

It doesn't matter if they choose to be gay or not. They are human just like you and me. love is love.

Winning Position: Android

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