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RSS TimBarry

Reward Points:6
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2 points

Although the risk of smoking during pregnancy is very high, it is still the choice of the mother whether or not she wants to take the risk. Besides, smoking occasionally could help women to reduce the stress associated with being pregnant. Another Swiss scientist suggests that women on their later moths of pregnancy might benefit from smoking as a stress reliever and a mood enhancer.

2 points

It is true that smoking during pregnancy can lead to serious health problems of mother and the baby but denying anyone of their constitutional right to choose for themselves is not the right answer. Instead, doctors and tobacco companies should warn about the hazardous contents of tobacco and advise pregnant women not to take the risk as it is currently be done. Prohibiting the sell of tobacco to pregnant women would not affect the number of users, but if all the resources would concentrate on advising current and future mothers and target specific audience it would be more reasonable.

3 points

Another reason why it is better to eat out is the wide range of choices. Sometimes when cooking at home we could be stuck with only recipes we know, and even then we have to make sure that all the ingredients are available. But, it is more satisfying and adventurous going to a new restaurant and trying something new.

1 point

In many developed countries like Japan, cooking yourself can be more expensive than eating in a high class restaurants. The reason for this is that restaurants cook for thousands of people and they buy groceries with lower prices at the wholesale markets. So it is much cheaper and convenient to eat out.

1 point

Since more and more people starting to prefer eating out rather than dealing with the hustle of home cooking, the restaurant industry is booming and they can afford to bring the prices much lower.

Also, most workers realize that since their salary depend on the number of hours they work, so they much rather work and earn more money than spend time on cooking. Since they make more money working they can afford to eat in any restaurant they want.

0 points

As busy as today's urban workers are, who often are so busy that it is hard for them to even find a minute to grab a lunch. Restaurants come in very handy for the hard working people, especially that in most of modern families both husband and wife equally work and have no time to cook for one another. In order to balance the nutrients and be healthy the best solution is to concentrate their energy on work and treat themselves with fine restaurant dining later.

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