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RSS Tinkerbell16

Reward Points:23
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this happens in jamaica too girls degrade themselves just so they can hear the boys talking about them. it is seriously embarrassing as a girl to see the way they behave around them.

-1 points

frankly i believe that they are evil. they protray themselves in a manner that gives people the indicatoin that they are apart of something supernatural, something demonic and yes something evil.

even though that would me fun. i dont think that clooning of humans would be such a greate idea, somethings were just ment not to be done. interfering with the creations of humans would be a huge disrespect towards him.

2 points

when you attend a single sexed school they actually implore you to communicate with the opposite sex so that whatever the future holds for you communication wise you will not be left in th skies.

nothing changes you are still the same person you were before

yes i believe that single schools are better.. i've been to both and from my experience single schools allow you be more open with issues that would be offensive or embarrassing if the other sex was present. even though it may seem to those who do not attend single sexed schools that this gives people the perfect oppertunuty to become homosexuals on bisexual it doesn't it actually makes you apprciate the other sex more.

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Winning Position: Break the Law
Winning Position: Unresolved

About Me

"i am dedicated to enhancing my debating skills, i am willing to take critisism for my work, i am ready to be taught something new and i am waiting for someone or somepeople to guid me so that the road to sucess would be eaiser on me"

Biographical Information
Name: Melissa Lindsay
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 15649
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School
Via IM: imtinkerbell16

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