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RSS TomBombadil

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We've got the list of possible candidates for VP on both sides pretty well narrowed down. Obama's picks are narrowed to Biden, Bayh, Kaine, and Sebelius. Those that are hoping for Obama-Clinton are in for a disappointment on Saturday.

There are compelling arguments for each candidate. Bayh and Kaine would really emphasize the idea that Obama is going to change things in DC. Sebelius would be great to appease many dissatisfied women over Clinton's snub. However, Joe Biden solves more problems than any other candidate and is the most rational choice.

Biden's been in DC seen 1972, which will quiet some critics of Obama's lack of experience. Biden is also strong on defense, another major criticism of Obama. Biden just fits too well into what Obama needs to pass him up.

Supporting Evidence: Biden (
6 points

Quick question for those of you who are both atheists and Democrats (which, if my Republican friends are correct, that's all of them). Most atheists I know think that anyone who believes in God is a moron. So here's the question:

Is Barack Obama a liar or a moron? He says that he is a Christian, which, according to those atheists who believe Christians are morons, makes him a moron. Either that or he's lying about his beliefs. I've always been curious about people's opinions on the matter. Thanks!

6 points

This election year is all about change. It's the key piece to Barack Obama's platform. In a recent Gallup poll, it showed that 79% of Americans want a change in direction from George W. Bush's policies, while only 17% want those policies continued.

In a hotly contested election where the vast majority of America wants a different direction, this could spell victory for Figures. If she can capitalize on this mentality, she may be one of many people to take down incumbents from both sides of the aisle. This could be an election year where things get shaken up.

Supporting Evidence: Change (
5 points

Although certainly Alabama has been a solidly red presidential state for nearly three decades, the same cannot necessarily be said of the Senators who come from Alabama. Although, Jeff Sessions occupies the office now, his seat was previously held by Democrat Howell Heflin from 1979-1997. A strong DNC presence, coupled with a likable candidate could spell trouble for Senator Sessions in an election year when many are looking for change.

History may show that John McCain will likely carry the state; it is possible that a Democrat could retake an Alabaman Senate seat.

Supporting Evidence: Alabama Senate History (
7 points

In a year that sees a presidential race that is categorically different than anything we've seen before (no incumbent, rather two Senators battling it out) one must wonder if that means the elections in the House and Senate will be different. Assuredly, Vivian Figures hopes they will be.

In terms of Congressional seats, incumbency is king. In 2004, we saw 99% of Representatives get reelected, while 96% of Senators returned to Washington. Vivian Figures is fighting an uphill battle that few have been able to overcome.

Supporting Evidence: Incumbency Numbers (
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Name: Jordon 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: College Grad

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