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RSS ToniaOkafor

Reward Points:7
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Trump Caught Partying With Epstein.

Partying with someone, then rejecting them from your life isn't participating in any alleged allegation. A 3 year old understands this.

0 points

Looks like Trump and his minions are gonna be SWEPT away

Isn't that what Democrats were preaching in 2016?

What should the libs accomplish when we take over?

ICE? Abolish

Black joblessness would go through the roof. Does the left ever think about the results of its supposedly "good hearted" crap?

Kids in cages? Abolish

Obama built the cages and put kids in those very cages. Sure, yank em down. We don't need a reminder of his failed policies.

Run amuck police? Abolish

The very police Democrat mayors control? Sure go ahead. Just don't come crying when you can't find a police officer while your head is jammed against the ground by a white man.

Rule of Law? Restored

The Democrats are causing the very lawlessness we see in the streets, and they are praising it like a cult.

Black lives mattering? Indeed!

But Republican black lives still not mattering, and leftists still destroying black homes and businesses while the Democrats stand by and watch as if they are the modern day Klan.

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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