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1 point

Definitely Israel. They have advanced technology and highly trained soldiers. Plus they have experience, they've been fighting for over 2000 years.

2 points

Of course. Everyone is entitled to their own preferences, so, why make them illegal?

2 points

I honestly think that we as americans should be supporting the economy buy purchasing American made products. Sure, they're going to cost more because labor here is more expensive but if I know that I am making a contributuion to the country by buying American, I say USA.

Antoher factor is that China is a world superpower pretty much thanks to us. They have exploited the weakness of American business owners which is greed. They will eventually become more powerfull than the US if this continues. Did you know that they have entered business negotiations with several African countries so that they can harvest resources? Africa is the United States' largest supplier of foreign resources and now they're trying to get their slice of the cake.

I really hope our government will do something about this or we'll lose our spot as the number 1 super power in the world.

1 point

Yeah, but what about alcohol and tobacco? It's OK for those substances to be legal? Some people like to use recreational drugs because it gives them a different perspective of things. Sure, it's harmful for their bodies but who are we to say what they can and cannot do to themselves? Personally I'd prefer more stoners around than all the murders that occur because of the illegal trafficking.

1 point

Crime is never the answer no matter what conditions you were brought up in. I currently live in a third world country were poverty is high and police are corrupt but I see many people living their life morally and end up having good things come to them. Prison here is a different story and that's pretty much the only thing that discourages would-be criminals. They have up to 10 inmates in 1 cell with only 1 matress on the floor. You've gotta fight for it if you want to sleep comfortably. Food is of extremely poor quality and murders occur everyday. Prison in the states is daycare. I used to live in the Bay Area and big scary San Quintin isn't anything compared to what's down here. Maybe tough punishment will discourage those young teenagers who think it's cool to be a gangster.

1 point

I've always lived my life by setting goals and doing whatever it takes to acheive them. Since I'm in the aviation field, I want to buy a fleet of seaplanes and open up a tour business in the Caribbean or off the coast of Portugal ;) Some friends say that it's unrealistic and that I face disappointment and that short, easy to reach goals are the key to happiness. But I say if you aim too low, you won't go anywhere and just be an average Joe. I say true happiness is when you acheive what people think is impossible.

1 point

On a day to day basis I see the same people everyday so I'd go with something more informal like Hi! But I mix things up with a, "Hey, How's it going?" or "Nice to see you! You look great by the way!" (Especially if she's an attractive female)

1 point

Damn! By the French!? Well in that case... Go All Blacks!

1 point

True. I'm like the only atheist in Paraguay (In case you don't know where Paraguay is, it's next to Brazil) and 99% of the population is catholic. I have all sorts of religious friends here. Some hate me for my beliefs, but those are just the fanatics.

1 point

Vampires all the way. They can stealth kill your ass. Besides, they've got more class...

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Winning Position: Good
Tied Positions: Aiming far goes further vs. Day to day makes you happier
Winning Position: They're being treated inhumane
Winning Position: Legalize it!!

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Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: College Grad

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