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2 points

Well yes, on the basis of equality it would only be fair to seperate those who feel attracted to another.

However it may not be easily implemented.

1 point

Giving opinions about real people over the internet on a debate website, whom you interact with only on a debate website is probably one of the most innaccurate ways of forming and opinion.

Example: Dacey's opinion of Kinda would be the near exact opposite of mine.

1 point

Using the law to answer a question not regarding the law is senseless.

Americans do not have a rich heritage. The US Constitution and the American Flag are all they have.

1 point

Ok I'm trying to understand your post.

You were physically beaten in many different ways by your parents.

You have decided not to uphold the same course of action with your children.

Doesn't this reflect on your parent's decision to beat you? Leading you to not uphold the same course of action?

The fact that you rebelled reflects your parents inability to keep control over you. Note that I am not disagreeing or agreeing with your actions.

1 point

So you're telling me parents have no bearing on a child's prospectives in life?

You're literally telling me parents are uselss.

2 points

Doesn't that just show the parents don't have a great ability at raising their child?

Some children tend to be rebellious, but that is generally between their mid-late teenage years. That doesn't completely negate their parent's hard work over the other years. After the rebellious stage their upbringing kicks in and they will have serious, responsible choices to make.

Edit: I only ask that you read the question properly and reply in accordance. If you do not wish to add a well thought out reply, I ask you do not reply at all. There's people on this site who want to participate for reasons other than increasing their points.

2 points

I feel it is unquestionable to say parents have no effect upon a child's upbringing. It's the childs upbringing that dictates how it interacts with everybody else. It's the upbringing that gives it expectations to have a great profession. It's the upbringing that can cause them too have their own opinions and views on the rest of the world.

2 points


That's what my parents tell me all the time. Not word for word, but that's the general messege.

2 points

When has a homosexual relationship been shown in a bad light? We need to take into consideration I may have only seen a minority of TV shows or movies where homosexual relationships have been included.

The two participating in the relationship are shown in the good light whereas those outside of the relationship are the only ones to bring them unhappiness, such as family unwilling to accept their sexuality.

Yet in heterosexual relationships there are fights, arguments, disagreements and everything else that comes hand in hand with relationships.

I haven't made an opinion on homosexuality, but the media unfairly and biasly has.

edit: did you downvote me? If so, why?

2 points

Schoolyard bullying is nothing new and will never be anything old. It should be treated with respect. It is a part of growing up and children should be learnt to face it young, helping them progress in their future years through all the other forms of bullying.

I am strongly against extreme bullying. However typical 'group' bullying should be allowed to take place, where the more dominant children have a preferred status over the less dominant children. In the eyes of a capitalist it is the strongest who should win and teachers should not intefere until it becomes detrimental to somebody.

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