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RSS Tortilla

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-1 points

I love a good zinger. But that don’t zing.

It wasn't a zinger. It was you kissing the ring of your white, liberal masters.

Put the mask on? Yes sir. Will do. Get a rushed vaccine that has now been recalled? Yes sir. Give me that jab. Cue the dancing black man. But, at least your white, liberal masters will be putting a stop to the building of that racist wall. Oh wait. that-wall-and-thats-a-good-thing?amp

2 points

Who are Bronto and Dana A?

4 points

Even a toddler understands that it's racism.

3 points

The same guy who said we don't need another war in the Middle East just bombed the Middle East.

2 points

The arrogant bastards told us to our faces what his downfall was. Them.

2 points

It looks like you love the bubble reality more than seeing what black people have to say.

2 points

I looked at the debate you are mocking, and it was a black guy, so you are racist and Fascist.

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