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6 most recent arguments.
1 point

They have a home headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and the Portland Mayor called police off while they took over the city. Clearly they are an organization with leadership in Portland, Oregon.

1 point

'There are no leaders. In fact, that is the whole point'

You can't organize without a leader to organize you.

1 point

Why is it that the Communist countries have this all under control

A communist country gets it by either unsanitary wet market practices or by being stupid enough to create it in a lab and accidentally let it escape, and that's the example you think the world should follow. And all of this after you told us "no one has ever actually tried Communism" and "China's actually a Capitalist country". God you're a dumbass. I'd seriously love for a leftist with an IQ higher than a baboon to come in here and say something thought provoking and surprise me, but I'm disappointed every time.

2 points

I'd love for more blacks to become cops, but when they did, Liberals killed them in the name of tolerance and wokeness while demanding more minority minded cops of which they just murdered in cold blood. And apparently this should convince Conservatives to give them more of what they just killed as if we are wizards with magic powers who can give them legions of black cops that they just murdered for daring to be a cop who was black. The left demands it. Kills it. Rinse, wash repeat. Wait to be accused of God knows what by a leftist screaming at us like a psychopath after they killed what they supposedly want and demand. This is why Conservatives just stare at you in bewilderment. There is no answer that ever pleases the left, so we just ignore the left while it screams, burns, and destroys and go on about our day that doesn't include us destroying anything or running departments in liberal cities that we are told are racist. We just throw our hands up and live our lives trying to live in peace in peaceful nonliberal areas of the country that people like you flee to to get away from the left wing bullshit. And all we can do is hope liberals stay away from our safe, peaceful areas and don't vote us into the same chaotic, leftist dystopia they themselves flee from. Privileged my ass? We don't even have to do anything for the left to call us names and blame their own city's failures on us.

One final thing. Pretend to be a black conservative on facebook. You'll see real racism in the form of a high tech lynching.

1 point

Locking people in their homes and burning down businesses is acting like a Nazi.

0 points

Nothing you highlighted even has the word "Nazi" in it. And the right thought the exact same things about Obama.

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