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1 point

Yes, very much so! Not only does learning a new language open up the door to a whole new culture for students, it also makes students more valuable later on in life in the business world. Especially on America, where the Hispanic minority is growing rapidly, learning Spanish, for example, would be very helpful. We cannot simply expect everyone in the world to learn English.

2 points

Of course it's possible! Women can be just as sexually aggressive as men.

1 point

I would have to say, overwhelmingly, yes. One cannot just disregard every person who has been in love with both a man and a woman just to validate their theory. What of I, a woman, equally had sex with both men and women on a regular basis? I wouldn't be heterosexual, since I'm sleeping with people of my same gender, but neither would I be homosexual, since I'm also sleeping with people of opposite gender, too. Therefore, the only thing left for me to be is bisexual.

1 point

I think it means exactly what it says; church and state should stay separate affairs. One of the main reasons people moved to "The New World" was to escape religious persecution. Our right to believe in whatever we want to is very important and should not be messed with. That being said, no one should be able to force their religious views on anyone, either.

I'll use a much talked about example. Look at the gay marriage debate. I'd be willing to say the most used opposition is based on a religious belief. Those people using their religion as a reason NOT to support it are very much within their rights to do so. It doesn't make them a bad person, or ignorant, or petty. It makes them a strong believer in their faith. But that's the key word. THEIR faith. Not everyone's. when we start forcing the views of some on the views of all through laws, that is when the red line is crossed.

Making laws based on a specific religion, in my humble opinion, is wrong.

1 point

There are merits to each, but I would say public school is better. It teaches children important social skills, as well as introducing them to different life styles and opening their eyes to all of the different view points and ideas in our world. It's also easier for them to make friends and be involved in their community.

1 point

While those are good points, are they worth all the pressure? Pageant can instill a false sense of what beauty is. It's all based on what someone percieves as physical beauty. And even though winning may be nice for the winner, what about the losers? They end up feeling worthless, not pretty enough, not skinny enough. Pageants tend to promote an insane version of what beauty should be.

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