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10 most recent arguments.

Well, If I was gonna disarm somebody, I wouldn't stop at disarming the good guys.. I'd disarm everybody

Another solution from the left that can only be inacted by wiggling your nose, saying abracadabra or waving a magic wand. Your logic always stops at the point where a child's logic stops. I'll stop gun violence by declaring all guns bad. Oh yeah, that'll solve everything. Just wish it away with a decree, close your eyes and say tada! See? Problem solved!

Disarming the good Guys does not have to encompass the police, and indeed should not include any law enforcement agency

The police and law enforcement agencies work for the government. The 2nd Amendment exists to protect you from the government, the police, and anyone else who have become tryrannical or psychopathic.

Uhhh. Those aren't good odds.

It's usually the cops running in instantly, which is good odds.

If we did it your way, the killer would have never been stopped, otherwise known as no odds.

And yet the Democrats now support section 230 restrictions, and you'll happily hop aboard as you are told by your media masters to do even though it contradicts your above statement.

I found a manikin and stared up her dress at her wooden crotch as long as my mother would let me..

This explains why you support the pro pedophile and men dominating women in women's sports party. And since you do, it's safe to bet you touched your son when he was a child. No wonder he can't vote Democrat. He was molested by one.

I suggest you were born that way, and you KNOW you were born that way.

Pretty crazy how a man says he feels like a woman yet still puts his cock in everyone he's attracted to like as if he were a man.

Should the U.S., become more isolationist.

Yes, but they won't because the left has too much virtue signaling to do while ignoring what they promise minorities every election.

Don't worry, Biden will know what to do. Not.

Excon avoided this debate like it was Covid- 19.

OMG! You think I'm lazy and ignorant. OMG!

When you lose every debate and get proven to be dead wrong every time, it pretty well speaks for itself.

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