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RSS TrailorTrash

Reward Points:63
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10 most recent arguments.

Obama did not build anything you stupid Nazi halfwit

That's as stupid as saying Trump didn't build a wall. Mexicans did.

TrailorTrash(63) Clarified
1 point

That's because the Nazis were using propaganda to con ordinary voters.

The only people who would be conned would be Socialists. Conservatives wouldn't follow someone claiming to be a Socialist and practicingcontrol over the means of production.

0 points

The media lies more than Trump. It even lies about Trump lying.

0 points

Talking about it and acknowledging it as a potential threat and problem as well as taking action to mitigate damage are two different things

The WHO said it couldn't be passed human to human in January. He implemented the China travel ban in January.

Democrats called the travel ban racist, so they wouldn't have put one in place. Explain exactly what he should have done differently that you or any Democrat would have done differently.

0 points

TRUMP has lied time and time again, first praising China and now condemning WHO for praising China at the same time he did.

False equivalency. Trump isn't a professional healthcare organization, and the organization, the WHO, who he would depend on, said it couldn't be passed human to human in January. Should Trump have known more than the World Health Organization about viruses?

TRUMP cut funds to the CDC.

Objectively false.

TRUMP is now cutting funds from WHO in the middle of a pandemic.

The WHO didn't declare a pandemic until February and suggested Trump do no travel ban in January. Fauci says that ban gave us time to flatten the curve. The man running the WHO is a Communist. Probably why they covered up China's misdeeds and even claimed the Coronavirus couldn't be passed from human to human.

TRUMP spent a month during a critical time downplaying it and spreading misinformation.

He was discussing it in that State of the Union speech that Pelosi ripped up and put the China travel ban into place in January. You have side stepped both of these facts in order to hold your incorrect position because you're an ideologue and not an objective thinker.

I'm not bronto though. You are nom and justignoreme.

2 points

While both of those things are possible reasons to not be able to have followers, sometimes the game can get bugged and all followers you approach will say "Looks like you've already got someone." There is a fix for this if you have completed the Dark Brotherhood Questline and have upgraded the Dawnstar Sanctuary. If you head to the Sanctuary and attack an initiate to the point where they will attach you back, and then pay the fine to Nazir, you will be able to pick up followers again.

Some items raise your skill level (e.g. Necklace of the Major Squire raises Light Armor 17 points). Without equipment or potion modifiers, the maximum level is 100.

Seems like a pineapple to the face would really suck.

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