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10 most recent arguments.

It means that if you can't even get a man like Dubya to endorse you then you must be really crazy.

You said Bush created 9/11. Why would Trump want his endorsement?

0 points

Except that the Conservatives quit and were killed, and the left stayed with him. If you hate Socialism, the quotes of the remaining Nazis will make you puke. You left that part out.

Burrito's hero, Joseph Goebells-

Communism. Jewry. I am a German Communist.

Peter Longerich, Goebbels: A Biography, New York, NY, Random House (2015) p. 26, “Erinnerungsblätter,” 27, Part 1, Volume 1, page 27, (diary entry: 1924)

The social is a stopgap. Socialism is the ideology of the future.

Open Letter to Ernst Graf zu Reventlow in the Völkische Freiheit, 1925, as quoted in Goebbels: A Biography, Peter Longerich, Random House, 2015, p. 55

Outed as in how?? Did she write to the newspaper? Did she post on Facebook?? Did she report him to the cops?

The video is of a liberal. Why don't you watch some authentic, on the ground type information for once and stop licking the fake media's nutsack live a servant.

2 points

Yes, I believe that there is no reason to buy from a company which supports a bigoted, racist, sexist and misogynistic politician.

Then you've never voted for a Democrat. Good.

In order to believe that, you'd have to believe that the MILLIONS of demonstrators worldwide are all RIOTERS, LOOTERS, COMMUNISTS & TERRORISTS..

What I got out of that was that the people calling events "super spreaders" are gathering together into super spreader events much bigger than the events they are condemning.

They are democracy asshat.

Burning and destroying property that belongs to minorities isn't Democracy.

The Express is another piece of far right gutter trash, crooked to its core, and linking "studies" by "think tanks" sponsored by the tobacco industry.

The Express didn't conduct the poll.

Just wait until the Marxists destroying cities actually get the Presidency, the House and the Senate, and pack the courts.

WHAT "Republican Party"???????

The one opposing the Democratic Party.

That Party hasn't been heard from since Dubya Fked it up!

Then his nonendorsement of Trump means that much more.

Today, we have the Trumplican Party led by Comrade Trump, Babushka Barr, and Moscow Mitch!

That time CNN admitted Collusion story was fake that libs pretend didn't happen timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnthappen

I would really be interested to hear of a Republican Party candidate in 2024! (If we could only find a Republican survivor .... so sad! ;-) (He would probably be found "floating" ..... being put in that situation by a Trumplican. :-(

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump Jr, Mike Pence, Tucker Carlson. You pick.

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