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10 most recent arguments.

Look.. You Trump motherfuckers HATE everything and everybody that made this country great..

You're destroying statues of those people you lying, hypocritical piece of shit.

IF the FBI are terrorists, I wish they'd get on with their terrorism. Cause, in fact, they're FREEDOM FIGHTERS..

The story is about 12 FBI whistleblowers making this claim. They literally orchestrated a fake attack on a Governor of a state in order to obtain more power, funding, and to stretch out their abilities to play big brother you witless ass hat.

They need to arrest every Trump motherfucker they find, and lock 'em up FOREVER..

Said Hitler, Lennin and Mao directly before they murdered millions of their own people.

They are a THREAT to this great country of ours.. Can they be redeemed?? FUCK NO!! Lock 'em up!

The left are literally burning down their own cities, fire bombing a federal courthouse, looting, tearing down the statues of the very men you referenced above, and you have the audacity to say this you deranged dickhead? The left wants to abolish the police. Who's going to arrest us there Mussolini? Did ya think it out before you typed you sackless worm? Of course not.

Of course, we KNOW that you're not Tim Cast.. You're a mealy mouthed HIDER, because you can't read, you can't spell, and you have NO ideas yourself.. So, FUCK YOU!

The words of a dumbass. Proof provided, and you're not interested, so STFU. You have no credibility. You're a liar with maybe 5 good years left in you. Do you try to change or do something with your final days? No, you double down on lying, slandering, and being a cluelass sack of shit who just said his own son deserves locked up for daring to disagree with your fucked up ass. Let that sink in bitch.

Oh, man... They DID???

Yeah. It's common knowledge.

Just WHO did this

The entire left who went bonkers over Asian hate crimes, then the right pointed out it's almost always by black men, and now you hear zilch.

Hello G:


Scary to see you're comfy with a race you say is inherently evil censoring your own side.

Hello G:


Odd response seeing that in the past you acted disappointed that the left had abandoned free speech for Naziism.

Yes, my doctor studies biology and virology.. Yours doesn't

You're confusing a hospital and a biology lab. I'd say on purpose, but I think you're actually that dumb.

If church's preach politics, should they LOSE their tax exemption?

Sure. Shut down the black preachers preaching politics from the pulpit. The left would never win again. I'm game.

2 points

Should the failed coup d'État be examined?

Yes. ANTIFA trying to take over a federal courthouse and taking over city blocks of Seattle should be examined, but you don't actually give a shit. Otherwise you would have cared as your cities were burned down by Communists for the last year. You didn't because you're fake and full of shit. Nothing more than a virtue signaling zealot born to shine the white liberals' shoes.

Yes, and by any standard. She only wants her race present at press conferences. The left will say nothing though because they don't actually care about racism. They care about their Communist gods getting rich and elected.

It means that if you can't even get a man like Dubya to endorse you then you must be really crazy.

You said Bush created 9/11. Why would Trump want his endorsement?

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Tied Positions: Yes and yes some more vs. Both
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: We stopped caring about virus
Winning Position: Unresolved

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