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1 point

I read through your comment. You appear to be desperate for attention. Kind of like a child gets when you turn away for a moment.

What does that have to do with you being a poor, uneducated, bald little retard?

1 point

The Klan formed because they wanted to brutalize a race.

"BLM Leader: White People Are Subhuman"


"Black Lives Matter Bans White People From Attending ‘Open Meeting"


Portland cop reports ‘frightening’ racist chants from white BLM supporters hurled at them

“A lot of times, someone of color – black, Hispanic, Asian – will come up to the fence, and directly want to talk to me: ‘Hey, what do you think about George Floyd? What do you think about what happened with the police?’” Jackson said.

Then, “someone white” would walk up and start saying “eff the police” or “don’t talk to him,” Jackson recalled.

“It’s been very eye-opening,” Jackson said during the briefing, adding that he’s witnessed more minorities among his counterparts in the police department than within the crowds of violent protesters. 2020/07/17/cop-reports-frightening-racist-chants-from-white-blm-supporters/amp/

1 point

To bad the Corona wasn't in full swing when that picture was taken.

Typical leftist hoping for narratives over objective reality because you live in a fairytale bubble.

1 point

A better question would be: Do religious fanatics have the right to force women to bear children they don't want?

You skipped right over the obvious question. Do people have the right to wear protection or close their legs?

Answer: uh duh George.

2 points

Should a president be able to shut down social media sites by themselves?

No, but a court can now consider them a publisher, and they can be sued for anything defamatory posted on their site. They can also be sued for not reporting a charitable campaign contribution if they don't fact check any single Democrat or Biden post that can be challenged by any outside party. And, they could be sued for defamation seeing their fact check was false, making them now a publisher of defamatory libel.

They were sued before, but it couldn't be shown that they edit anything like a publisher. That just changed.

And even better, now many people can sue them for defamation seeing they are now a publisher.

1 point

You're going with us Hootie. Britain can't take on China, Russia and the Middle East. Only a dumbass would root to be tossed in the gulags, so you know what that means. You'd better enjoy what little time you have left.



1 point

I dunno.. Mark Cuban is peeking out from behind the curtain.

And keeps making appearances on Fox News and is a part of Trump's economic team.

0 points

Honestly if there should be repercussions I would like to see it against the idiots on the news who where mocking, telling people to go out, saying it was a know...spreading bullshit propaganda instead of actual news and facts as they got them.

Washington Post, left wing outlet story.html?outputType=amp

Nancy Pelosi, left wing Speaker of the House

Transit(21) Clarified
0 points

when his inaction in Jan and Feb as shit started hitting the fan did nothing to help mitigate the threat.

Dr Fauci said America has nothing to worry about on January 21st. Your position assumes that Trump should know more about viruses and pandemics than a man guiding the U.S. for decades about viruses and pandemics. It's either an illogical or emotion based position on your part, and you are using cognitive dissonance to filter what you desire to hear from media outlets as opposed to objective truth. You love the lie, so you hold to it as if it were the objective truth.

Article about it is-not-a-major-threat-to-the-people-of-the-united-states/amp/

Actual tweet with video of what Fauci said on July 21st

2 points

I read through the quotes and links. It is clear that you lied and were proven to have lied.

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