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RSS Trix4DaKidz

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Girls go through so many things in a lifetime

Sexist men

Menstrual Cycles

Birth Giving

Dealing With guys

Self defense (avoid being raped)

Heavy BOOBIES (I love having boobies)

We raise children

Have jobs

Can be just as good as men

We still have time to look pretty

...girls are awesome

2 points

There are many reason why uniforms are horrible ideas for children...

-Growing up is a child's time to discover themselves. Uniforms may cause students to find other ways to discover themselves.

-For every kid to wear them same thing may cause others to compete. For a self conscious kid to wear the same as everyone else may have their self esteem decrease, in other words rises in suicide rates.

-Parents have to but two different wardrobes for their children. Let's face it if kids buy expensive normal clothes there uniforms will be too.

-At school teachers pay attention to if the kids are wearing their uniform rather than teaching the class. For one kid to not wear their uniform correctly takes time from learning.

-There are more kids with inappropriate tattoos, piercings, and hair color just to be able to be distinguished from all the other students. Either this is a form of rebellion or their parents understand that kids need some form of creativity.

-There are 270 days a year for 13 years of each kids life spent in uniform; School could be compared to prison

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