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Okay, well first off I think there are a couple of important parameters here.

Firstly, is this encounter by chance, with one stumbling on the other, and having to rely on their natural physical and mental attributes?

Or is it a case that they have time to prepare themselves for conflict?

In the first occasion, as has been mentioned, the elephant has all the strength, bravery and sheer size to destroy a man, even a group of men. Elephants that go on a rampage create chaos, killing and injuring many people, and destroying anything in their way. So if it's just a case of a random encounter, man vs elephant, the man would need to be incredibly agile and swift of thought and body to counter an elephant, and as someone mentioned hiding in its anus is probably your best option. That's what Chuck Norris would do, climb in and roundhouse kick it from the inside.

On the other hand, if man has a chance to prepare, even WITHOUT a gun, most people would be able to create a trap or killing device to take out an elephant. Personally I'd stalk the elephants for a couple days, pick out the weakest ones, then locate their regular feeding and grazing/munching spots. I'd then dig massive holes at these points, while the elephants are busy elsewhere and in my line of sight. I'd take branches and sharpen them to a fashion by breaking the bark and/or using stones, and then place these in the hole, both deep at the bottom, and up the sides. I'd also put all sorts of debris around the pits, encouraging the elephant towards my trap. I'd take sticks, bracken and leaves and cover the pit. Then the real work would begin.

I'd sharpen a branch, carry as many rocks as possible, then get in place. I'd need to chase the elephant towards the pit, or failing that I'd need it to chase me and cause it to fall through my cover. This could easily be achieved by creating a cover that I can run over but the elephant cannot (I'd just dig another shallow hole and test it there). Of course it's always going to be difficult to achieve a victory against an elephant, but I firmly believe it's possible to isolate and trap or incapacitate one of the beasts, they're too clumsy and heavy, and any sort of pit trap would be sufficient to completely ruin their day.

All that being said, the fact remains that elephants dont cause major problems for us, there are tamed elephants, and even in the wild we are able to assess and understand their behaviour such that we can both survive and in some cases thrive alongside them. We dont need to fight, we've already won

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