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RSS TruthMachine

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10 most recent arguments.

Looks like you're silent on another Democratic Party failure concerning helping minorities. Maybe you should be. The Republicans freed the slaves, got rid of Jim Crow, passed the Civil Rights Act, passed the right to vote for blacks and got blacks NIL money. What exactly did the Democrat Party do for them again?

Doesn't even enter the realm of making sense. A group of unarmed citizens killing no one and forcing no one to do anything while not being charged of anything significant is Fascism? Fascism is something the state does, not something unarmed civilians do. God you're a dumbass. I will hand it to the Democrats in office though. They've learned how to placate to the dumbest among us.

Your antisemetic, Communist buddy on here. He represents most young leftists today. Capitalism is evil don't cha know?

It must really get in your crawl that it took Republicans again to move black people to the next level.

TruthMachine(112) Clarified
1 point

Liberals created a movie called V for Vendetta where they depicted the leader as a fascist evil dictator. Why? For doing what the Democrats are doing now during a pandemic. Might wanna take a look in the mirror.

And then people pour across the border and it becomes our job somehow in your next breath. God you're a hypocrite.

Trump supporters booed him for saying get the vaccine while Democrats are wearing masks in their cars alone. Does reality even actually matter to you?

Fact: When the majority is no longer white, you can expect the white man to lose power. That has NOTHING to do with "ousting" and EVERYTHING to do with democracy.

White and Asian Communists say they plan on killing your race first once they get enough power in their own literature. We won't get far enough for them to lose the majority before they start the great genocide as they do with every "revolution". You are literally handing your own predator the bullets they will be using on you. I don't want to hear people like you bitch even one time when they have your head against the pavment for the sin of not being their same skin color. There is no democracy with groups who kill their own citizens, censor them and imprison them for the sin of stating objective facts.

TruthMachine(112) Clarified
1 point

Yet, you bristle at being called a racist and a white supremacist. I don't get that. Do you really believe you can harbor those ideas, and NOT be a white supremacist??

You can generally not be comfortable with a black culture that glorifies violence and criminal activity and not think any race is supreme all at one time.

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