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RSS TruthMachine

Reward Points:89
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0 points

I dunno.. I thought the orange man was in charge of borders.. The leftists ain't in charge of ANYTHING.. IF the virus got in, it can only be Trumps fault.

Leftist cities ignoring common sense, otherwise known as Conservatism, or ignoring Trump, is the left's fault.

It clearly didn't enter America through Conservative areas.

The leftists ain't in charge of ANYTHING

They are in charge of cities and states they dominate in. Reference the map above.

You'd have to get a woman first to be called daddy. That's not happening. It would help to have employment as well. Maybe next time my little, retarded friend.

2 points

Translation? You're a dumbass, living with his parents, who can't survive on your own because you're just really damn stupid.

Then you'd have a perma block on you. Probably don't wanna go that way buddy.

Because obviously a guy wearing a mask is significantly more ridiculous than a real alien puppetmaster.

Or in your case a man with his hand down his pants starving for someone to give him some spare change for the day. Wanna tell us how big of a failure you are buddy?

That explains why you spend every waking moment on an American site filled with Americans. Carry on doing what a retard would do.

I wouldn't respond either. Even the right in the US has moved left. You're dumb as a box of rocks. Probably why you need help to not be homeless there buddy. Want my scraps?

She does embrace Alex Jones. They both claim the world will end here in a few years.

0 points

You must not be familiar with the New Gree Deal and Bernie Sanders. Or maybe you're just that stupid.

TruthMachine(89) Clarified
1 point

Imagine if you used your energy to get a job. You'd officially be an adult and stuff just like a big boy.

Marx would disown you though, so there's that.

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