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RSS TruthMachine

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10 most recent arguments.

The left are not honest actors and should be treated as such each time they belch out another lie.

Twitter made those posts unviewable. Why do you think that is? compelled speech doctrine sets,group to support certain expression.

Secondly, if the Whitehouse flags, and Facebook censors based on the flagging, what do you call it? Thirdly, what would you call it if Trump began flagging posts on Twitter, and Elon Musk began censoring based on those flaggings?

I think he means Bronto Falls, which is a beautiful waterfall area in Brazil.

I am of the opinion that Trump should be in cuffs

For what

However, I am sure that charges of crimes against the state

List these crimes

and other business related offences such as antitrust violations

Give some examples

All you have to do is be patient.

He's 80 years old. How much longer do you think you have, and how do you think it will look to the common voter to have locked up a dying, elderly man? And what exactly do you think it would accomplish beyond the right militarizing and ignoring that the left has any authority in any situation in their lives?You're welcome to try and rule a population that decides your laws mean shit, join forces and begin arming up and becoming their own military and policing force in 100,000 + different communities nationwide. You bring in the military, they just hide until the military leaves. Then they just began policing their area again. Or worst case scenario, they spread the military thin and make it useless. No military force has ever subdued and gained real control in Afghanistan. The US is 50 Afghanistans.

Did that make it easier to indict him?

Once you indict him, what do Democrats plan on doing with him? Make him an example for anyone who dares to challenge the corporations ever again?

Then there were the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, who, on orders from Donald Trump, were INTENT on stopping Pence from certifying the election, thereby STOPPING the peaceful transference of power for the first time in American history..

Claims mean nothing. Show us proof Pinocchio.

Not one Democrat has testified in the public hearings. Not one.

False. I just watch d a Democrat testify.

The Democrats have had so many fake committees and hearings that nobody cares anymore. The people want food back on the shelves and cheap fuel. You're still not a Jew.

Looks like you're silent on another Democratic Party failure concerning helping minorities. Maybe you should be. The Republicans freed the slaves, got rid of Jim Crow, passed the Civil Rights Act, passed the right to vote for blacks and got blacks NIL money. What exactly did the Democrat Party do for them again?

Doesn't even enter the realm of making sense. A group of unarmed citizens killing no one and forcing no one to do anything while not being charged of anything significant is Fascism? Fascism is something the state does, not something unarmed civilians do. God you're a dumbass. I will hand it to the Democrats in office though. They've learned how to placate to the dumbest among us.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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