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ANTIFA Save Woman From Burning Building

I googled it. No such story about these Nazi brownshirts. Fake news, but fake news is all the left has.

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Thus, Orwell’s experiences in Spain convinced him not that socialism was a false ideal, but that the Soviet Union and the Communists had betrayed that ideal. Orwell “was a socialist but, ever since Spain, an anti-Stalinist socialist and his hostility to Communism was a pervasive feature of his political writing” (Newsinger, Orwell’s Politics 97). He thought that “Communism is now a counter-revolutionary force” (Orwell, “Spilling the Spanish Beans” [1937] 67), working against socialism. He became inspired to expose their duplicity and conniving, and he related the theme of the Soviet betrayal of the cause of socialism with the totalitarian rewriting of the past:

The Communist movement in Western Europe began as a movement for the violent overthrow of capitalism, and degenerated within a few years into an instrument of Russian foreign policy. (“Inside the Whale” [1940] in Essays 233f., quoted in Newsinger, Orwell’s Politics 113)

He furthermore referred to “Russian Communism . . . [as] a form of Socialism that makes mental honesty impossible” (Orwell, “Inside the Whale” 235), and so Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four were written not as defections from socialism, but as attempts to redeem true socialism from the betrayal of the Communists. aspubli.html

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"Nazism can be defined as oligarchical collectivism. . . . It seems fairly certain that something of the same kind is occurring in Soviet Russia; the similarity of the two regimes has been growing more and more obvious for the last six years. (“Will Freedom Die With Capitalism?” [1941] 1684; emphasis in original)" aspubli.html

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"Unlike most contemporary socialists, however, Orwell abhorred intellectual victory by definition. He freely admitted that Nazism, like Communism, was socialist:" aspubli.html

But, Stalin wanted to crush all left-wing parties who were not the Communist party; this led to a civil war amongst the Republican movement in Spain. Orwell got caught up in this and it made him really disgusted with Stalin and the Communist party.

“the Communists stood not upon the extreme Left, but upon the extreme right. In reality this should come as no surprise, because of the tactics of the Communist parties elsewhere.”

George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

Reichstag fire

German history

Why are you referencing what Orwell said was the same as Communism of which you promote? Why burrito? Just why?

Why do you refuse to take on the points about the left promoting chopping kids' penises off to prove a little girl resides within their 3 year old male bodies?

2 points

You sound like you are too privileged to be a part of this debate. Minorities safe space only.

They're Democrats.. They already caught on.

So they caught on to all of these racist cities being run by white Democrats who will attack them relentlessly ic they ever stop bending the knee?

A country that turned out eight combat aircraft every hour

The most aircraft carriers in the US Navy at one time during WW2 was 27. It takes years to build one.

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